• As a child of the 80s...

    “The 80s” are a curse word in my family.  The farm crisis devastated an entire sector of our economy.  It took 20 years for many farmers to recover…. a lot never did.  The Branstad years were bad years for Iowa, we fell behind the rest of the country and have only just now started to live up to our potential.  After three terms of Democratic leadership incidentally.  Perhaps some have good memories of this period, but I think there is plenty to pin on ole Terry and the video does a good job of doing that in a humorous way.  Way to set the terms IDP!

  • Gas Tax

    Well, it’s time to increase the gas tax again.  Branstad may be what we need.  And if Dems hate the sales tax increase, why haven’t they made more effort to roll it back?  

    This commercial plays the Republican anti-tax theme.  Thus Culver will again cut government rather than increase government revenue.  

    • that is a problem

      Democrats campaigning on Republican messaging. It does limit our options after the election, that’s for sure. So far Culver has not promised never to raise the gas tax (just not for the next couple of years), but I could see him making a forever pledge if he’s in a tough race against Branstad, and that would be a mistake.

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