For all those ambitious Bleeding Heartlanders...

Juice Magazine, the Register's weekly aimed at young people, has a cover story this week on young people running for office.  They interview several young elected officials, including Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Michael Kiernan and` Democratic State Reps. Kirsten Running-Marquardt and Elesha Gayman.

The article obviously focuses on Des Moines, but the rationale for having young people in politics can be applied to just about anywhere:

If Des Moines is going to be a great place for young professionals to live, we need more of us in public service. We need to be at the table, crafting the decisions that mold the direction of Des Moines.

 The article is hardly a detailed blueprint on how to run for office, but it's still interesting to read about the different strategies candidates use when they're first starting out. For example, Michael Kiernan used family and work connections to spread the word about his campaign and raise money, while Elesha Gayman actively sought support online from national progressive groups.

 In Iowa we get used to seeing presidential candidates and their large campaign entourages so frequently that it's easy to forget about the lesser-known campaigns without a big staff and gobs of money. On the local level, though, energetic young candidates with fresh ideas are still essential.

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