We'll probably end up with the failed Massachusetts health plan (poll)

Daily Kos has a post on this subject:


Three Harvard physicians conducted a study on “Romney care”.  Here's the PDF report:


Their conclusion:

The nation must not look to Massachusetts’ health reform as a model. If we truly want to

provide comprehensive health care for all of us at a price we can afford, we must adopt a

single-payer plan.



  • Agreed. And, not only that...

    the Mass. report also points out that premiums and deductibles were so inflated that families who carried  insurance eventually went bankrupt.  The Connector, which adminsters the plans adds another 3 to 4 % adminstrative fee on top of the insurance co. fees.  

    I’ll throw up when I hear Grassley again promote the Mass. plan as the way to go for the nation.

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