Been away for awhile

So, I've been away.  Bleeding Heartland has been one of my favorite Iowa blogs for sometime and I used to post relatively regularly, but my previous life working in the Iowa House limited my involvement with the community.  Now, I've moved on to a new endeavor and I'll be resuming my regular posting to Bleeding Heartland.

Of course, I will need to make a disclaimer…I'm the new Campaign Manager for Iowa's Water and Land Legacy Campaign.  I'm working with a broad coalition of over 70 organizations representing almost 300,000 members to pass Iowa's “Water and Land Legacy” constitutional amendment.  This is the effort to obtain sustainable funding for Iowa's natural resources and outdoor recreational opportunities.

I'll be posting more about the amendment, life on the campaign trail, and conservation issues in general throughout the campaign.  Please feel free to backchannel me at marklanggin [at] gmail [dot] com throughout the cycle if you have questions or input you'd like to share.

If you want to learn a bit more about the amendment, please visit: or check us out on Facebook

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