Offshore drilling

I am sitting here watching CNN,  Sanjay Gupta is on AC360, and they have announced that the people working on that drilling rig that is leaking thousands of gallons of oil a day?  The big fear is that the entire drilling system and pipes may break off,  and then there will be no way of stopping the millions of gallons of oil from gushing out.  I am just sick at heart.  This is precisely why so many people did not want offshore drilling.  They have proven in Valdez, AK that even after years and years,  they still see the results of the oil there.  What would millions of gallons of oil do to the wildlife preserves and coastline? 

We have other options.  Wyoming,  western Colorado, Montana, etc.  love to have large companies come in and drill.  They drill for oil, they crack the shale for natural gas, the towns and schools are happy for the jobs, incomes, and businesses.  Of course,  the sewage system, the schools, etc.  need some time to adapt. But I grew up in Colorado, I have seen the boom for oil and gas in Colorado.  We can begin to switch vehicles to CNG,  we have LPG, drill for oil in Texas and the northern states.  We need to leave ANWR alone and drill out in the vast plains where the population is very low and towns and businesses are happy to have them.  We have wind towers in Iowa,  hemp is great for cloth and rope.  But all of that leftover hemp plant?  Great for ethanol.  Its time to start the switch away from oil.  Brazil has done it.  It took about 20 years, but they are completely off of foreign oil. 

Anyway, I am just sick at heart.  There is not enough Dawn in the world to treat every bird, the shorelines, the oyster beds, shrimp beds, etc. 

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  • these are the hidden costs

    of our lawmakers’ decisions over many years to keep us dependent on oil. We wouldn’t need all this new production if they had raised mileage requirements for cars in the 80s and 90s.