Sharia law??????

What is the idea of the GOP regarding “the threat that Sharia law will take over our country.”  WT??  The fear mongering the GOP is amazing.  Do they hope that all of the unquestioning Republicans will vote for them,  out of fear that the Muslims will take over our country and institute Sharia Law?  I am more in fear of the Fundamentalist Evangelical Dominionists (Taliban is another name for it) than I ever was about the Muslims. 

They know we have the First Amendment.  They know that we are never going to vote into law any Sharia law in this country.  What is their reasoning for this?  It just seems to me they are going farther and farther to the right,  about ready to fall off the scale.  I think the liberals and the progressives need to pull this country to a little bit more centrist place,  just pick it up and pull it over.  Because when Newt gingrich can talk about we should just bomb the hell out of Iran and N Korea,  they're bringing up Sharia law, etc.  can they get any crazier? 


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  • they can get crazier

    Count on it.

    But seriously, there is no point in responding to that level of paranoia with reason. A friend’s mother and family friend were convinced in 2008 that if Obama got elected, changing the American flag would be his “first order of business.” Now that we’re well into Obama’s presidency and we’ve seen no attempt to change the American flag, do you think these women are less irrationally afraid of Obama? No, they just have a different hobby horse now.

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