Strong Feisty Women and MoveToAmend work to overturn Corporate Personhood

I have been lurking reading here for many years. Thank you for this blog. I wanted to mention:


WILPF’s 3rd annual “Strong Feisty Woman Award” Banquet

Holiday Inn Downtown 1050 6th Ave. Des Moines

WILPF honors Maggie Rawlands, active in Des Moines WILPF since the 1960s, and State Senator Pam Jochum.

$30 per person, includes dinner. RSVP by November 15 at 515-210-7928.

Indicate choice of meals, pork tenderloin or pasta primavera.

Mary McAdams, musician/singer/songwriter who is a fixture of Des Moines peace activism and social justice work will provide two songs for our program!

DOOR PRIZES will be given out to select guests! Lucky attendees will win prizes from the Green Goods for the Home shop in the East Village!

FREE GIFTS of YES! MAGAZINE’s special WATER ISSUE will be at every place setting. This issue has an article about David Cobb and Move To Amend! Thanks to our friends at Yes! for this giveaway which promotes our favorite magazine! (Fran says hi to all our WILPF feisty women!)

PHOTO WITH JANE & ROBIN! Get your photo snapped with both Jane Addams (lifesize cutout of Jane on her 150th Birthday year!) and Robin Monahan IN THE FLESH! Robin and his brother Laird Walked Across American this summer in awful heat, rain, and traffice on Route 50. He will be our special guest at the STRONG FEISTY WOMAN awards and has agreed to pose with fans for photos!

Amend the Constitution!

Build a Democracy Movement in Iowa – Hear David Cobb on ending corporate personhood

Please forward widely!

Dear Iowa members and supporters,

David Cobb, of the national Move to Amend coalition, is touring Iowa November 15-19, speaking on the need to “Amend the Constitution – building a Democracy Movement.” This tour is sponsored by Iowa Move to Amend. Please come out to hear how we can amend the Constitution to take back our government and elections from corporate “persons” and the corporate elite.

Amendment is a long-term effort that requires education at the grassroots on corporate personhood and the harms it has enabled. That’s what David Cobb has been doing since the founding of Move to Amend right after the January 21 Citizens United decision. We are excited to have him speaking in Iowa, and hope that you’ll come out to one of these talks!

To connect with Iowa Move to Amend and help grow the democracy movement here at home, check out the Iowa page on the Move To Amend website. And join us! We meet on the 2nd Monday of every month at 7pm at Plymouth Church, 42nd at Ingersoll, Des Moines. In December we’ll meet the 1st Monday of the month, because of the holiday schedule. Same time and location!

Dates and venues:

Ames, Monday, Nov. 15th 7:00 – 9:00 pm Free

The ISU Student Union, Sunroom, 2229 Lincoln Way

Co-sponsored by ISU Lectures Program

Fairfield, Tuesday, Nov. 16th Noon

Revelations Cafe/Coffee Shop, 112 North Main Street

Cedar Rapids, Tuesday, Nov. 16th 7:00 – 9:00 pm Free

Peoples Unitarian Universalist Church, 600 3rd Ave, SE

Co-sponsored by Linn County Green Party, Women for Peace Iowa, and Peoples Church

Iowa City, Wednesday, Nov. 17th 7:00 – 9:00 pm Free

Iowa City Public Library, 123 South Linn Street

Co-sponsored by Johnson County Green Party

Davenport, Thursday, Nov. 18th 7:00 – 9:00 pm Free

St. Ambrose University, 518 West Locust Street

Co-sponsored by Progressive Action for the Common Good

Des Moines, Friday, Nov. 19th 5:30 – 8:30 pm

WILPF’s 3rd annual “Strong Feisty Woman Award” Banquet

Holiday Inn Downtown 1050 6th Ave.

WILPF honors Maggie Rawlands, active in Des Moines WILPF since the 1960s, and State Senator Pam Jochum.

$30 per person, includes dinner. RSVP by November 15 at 515-210-7928.

  • I love Pam Jochum

    Thank you for posting about this. I have been meaning to start posting my weekly event calendars again. I got behind during the campaign.

  • Unfortunately

    As usual, the DM progressive community, and WILPF do not take their Jewish members into account.

    Scheduling things on Rosh Hoshanah, Yom Kippur, or during weekly sabbath services seems to be par for the course.

    Ergo, my strong feisty wife will not be in attendance at a progressive community event, yet again.

  • speaking of strong feisty women

    I got this from DAWN’s List today:

    Des Moines – To commemorate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, Democratic Activist Women’s Network will again honor Iowa women who have made a difference in our lives and in Iowa politics. At the annual Women’s Appreciation Day Reception on March 7th, DAWN’s List will recognize progressive, pro-choice Democratic women from across the state for their work and dedication.

    DAWN’s List is now accepting nominations for the six awards to be presented at the March 7th reception.  The awards include the Lifetime Achievement Award, Rising Star Award, Activist Award, Elected State Official Award, Elected Local Official Award and Special Recognition Award.

    “Following such a tough mid-term election, it may seem like there isn’t much to celebrate about,” said event chair Natasha Newcomb. “That is far from the truth. Despite the current political climate, we know that women from all over the state get up every day and work to protect Iowa’s progressive values. We host this annual event to recognize and honor these women.”

    To learn more about how to nominate an outstanding Democratic woman, go to  Both men and women are encouraged to submit nominations. Submissions must be received or postmarked by January 28th, 2010.

    Since 1993, DAWN’s List has been dedicated to the election of Democratic pro-choice women in Iowa. Today, DAWN’s List is the only Iowa group dedicated solely to the support, recruitment, mentoring and election of progressive women.

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