Mid-week open thread: Chanukah edition

Happy Chanukah to those in the Bleeding Heartland community who observe the holiday. Members of the desmoinesdem family who are not eagerly putting together their new Lego set are enjoying Chanukah music. After our candles burn down we’re heading to the “Chanukah on Ice” event Chabad is putting on tonight at the Brenton Skating Plaza in Des Moines.

I consider the holiday season the best time of year to be Jewish, because there are a lot of fun Chanukah traditions, but no pressure to bake, decorate, etc.

Favorite Chanukah parenting tip: buy an extra box of candles. Kids love to help putting candles in the menorah, and they will break some.

This is an open thread. What’s on your mind?

UPDATE: Former Representative Stephen Solarz of New York died this week at the age of 70. I remember seeing him during an Iowa visit sometime during the 1980s. At that time, he was a rising star in the Democratic Party. He may even have visited my precinct caucus in 1988–I can’t recall exactly when he was here. The New York Times obituary and this article by Steve Kornacki on the complicated relationship between Solarz and Chuck Schumer are worth reading.

  • My brief political comment on Hanukkah...

    After doing extensive historical research, here’s my take…

    In order to throw off the yoke of Greek oppression, the Jewish state forged an alliance with the dominant western superpower (Rome).

    That worked out so well they thought, what the hell, let’s try it again.

    Didn’t make it to Hanukkah on Ice.

    After a day spent sweeping chimneys, I went to Mary Poppins at the Civic Center.  

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