Ruth Smith is the Democratic candidate for Iowa Senate district 48

A special nominating convention on December 1 chose Ruth Smith as the Democratic candidate for the January 4 special election in Iowa Senate district 48. Smith was the Democratic nominee in this district in 2008, losing to Kim Reynolds by 53 percent to 43 percent. Reynolds vacated the seat after being elected lieutenant governor.

After the jump I’ve posted biographical information on Smith from her campaign website. She’s a Lamoni native and current resident who works as a physical therapist in several southern Iowa counties. Her issues page focuses on health care, education, farming, small business and industrial policies.

Senate district 48 covers Adams, Clarke, Decatur, Montgomery, Ringgold, Taylor and Union counties. As of November 1, the district contained 10,444 registered Democrats, 15,257 Republicans and 14,306 no-party voters. Republicans have nominated Montgomery County Auditor Joni Ernst for the special election.

From Ruth Smith’s campaign website:

Who I am


   * I grew up and currently reside in Lamoni, Decatur County-After experiencing a few years of “city living,” I now understand why my parents chose rural Iowa to work and raise their children. For these same reasons, Ted and I also have chosen rural Iowa as our long-term residency.

   * I have been married to Ted Smith for 20 years-Without a doubt, my marriage to Ted is the foundation of my every endeavor. His support is immeasurable. And… his insight keeps me well-balanced.

   * We have three children: Trevor, 17; Sidnee, 15; Karli, 13-Life with three teenagers is better than ever imagined. We work together and we laugh together. Being their mother has been an incredible journey…I so look forward to the upcoming chapters.


   * I graduated from Lamoni Community Schools-As a young student, I learned the importance of education and hard work. Even though my school work was a priority, I also participated in lots of extracurricular activities…athletics, music, and even drama. Over time, athletics became the most fun for me.

   * I graduated from Graceland University with a Chemistry degree-My experience at Graceland University prepared me for the adult world, not just professionally but also personally. These “growing up” years have proven to be the most critical period in my life since I struggled with many life-long decisions during this time.

   * I graduated from The University of Miami with a Physical Therapy degree-Because of my fascination with physical health and human movement, physical therapy became my professional choice. I continue to learn more about the human species- physically, mentally, and spiritually. Thankfully, this degree has offered me lots of flexibility in my family and work life.

   * I graduated from Walden University with a Public Policy and Administration degree-Recently, my professional interest has turned to public service, more specifically public policy. Throughout my professional life, I have “interacted” with state government in a variety of ways. These interactions prompted me to pursue a degree in public policy since many regulations were seemingly out-of-touch with the working world.

Professional Experience

   * I am a rural physical therapist-I currently work in several rehabilitation and long-term care facilities throughout southern Iowa. Generally, I develop and oversee the physical therapy plan of elderly clients who are recovering from an orthopedic or neurologic condition, such as a hip fracture or stroke. Over the last 20 years, I have also worked in hospitals, outpatient clinics, home care, and public schools.

   * I am a volleyball and softball coach at Lamoni Community Schools-I have continued my passion for sports by mixing in some coaching here and there. Although the teaching of athletic skills and strategy is very fulfilling, I believe character-building and team-building are the most important lessons derived from athletics.

   * I have been an entrepreneur and small business owner-Throughout my working years, I have been drawn to starting and owning small business ventures. These experiences have sensitized me to the challenges of small business ownership…the importance of interested and capable workers, the burden of taxes and regulation, the struggle to survive amongst chains and larger competitors, plus others.

   * I have been an adjunct instructor at Graceland University in Lamoni-Intermittently, over the last several years, I have instructed a variety of GU courses in the Athletic Training and Human Movement Departments. Some classes have been general education courses; whereas others have been upper division courses. Regardless of the class, I recognized the art of teaching…the ability to balance the students’ responsibilities with my own as their instructor.

Community/Volunteer Service

   * Decatur County CASA Volunteer

   * Iowa Great Places Citizen Advisory Board

   * Lamoni Area SAFE Coalition, current President

   * Lamoni Park and Recreation Commission, past President

   * Lamoni Chamber of Commerce, past President

   * Lamoni First Responder

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