Democrats need a new candidate in Iowa House district 48

Via John Deeth's blog I learned that former State Senator Rich Olive has dropped out of the race for the new Iowa House district 48. Olive had announced his candidacy in June, but in a recent Facebook message, he indicated that he does not want to move out of his Story City home. Last month Republican State Senator Rob Bacon, who defeated Olive in 2010, announced his candidacy in House district 48.

After the jump I've posted Olive's full statement from Facebook and a map of the district. It covers Gilbert and rural areas in northwest Story County, Madrid and several townships in eastern Boone County, much of eastern Webster County and all of Hamilton County. As of April 2011, House district 48 contained 5,991 registered Democrats, 6,445 registered Republicans and 7,300 no-party voters.  

Statement posted by Rich Olive on Facebook, October 7:

I am announcing today that I am no longer a candidate for the House Seat in District 48. This decision did not come easily and was influenced by many factors including health, family, and work but it basically comes down to one thing: my heart is in Story City. In order to be a candidate for the House Seat in District 48, I would have been required to move my primary residence out of Story City and that just simply isn't an option.

I have lived here most of my life, do not want to relocate, and refuse to betray my code of ethics by setting up a false residency. I hope that my contributors and supporters will understand and respect my decision. I will continue to work on projects that will help move Iowa forward.

I would like to thank my family, friends, and network of election workers for their support and encourage them to stay involved in the political arena. Speak to your legislators, educate yourself on the issues, and make your voice heard.

Rich Olive

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  • Bailey?

    ot that we need more Six Packers, but this looks more like McKinley Bailey's old seat than anything.  

    • interesting

      McKinley Bailey carried Hamilton County while losing his 2010 race to Stew Iverson. He kept it very close in the part of Webster County that was in the old district. He got slaughtered in Wright County, which isn't part of the new House district 48.

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