WATCH: Paws Against King & CREDO SuperPAC Protest Rep. King For His Defense of Dogfighting

Paws Against King and nearly thirty CREDO SuperPAC volunteers protested outside of Rep. Steve King’s campaign office in Ames yesterday to voice their concerns about King’s defense of dogfighting. A number of local residents brought along their dogs and waved protest signs to demand that Rep. Steve King stop making excuses for dogfighting, and stop blocking efforts in Congress to crack down on animal abuse.

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“No matter how King may try to justify his outrageous comments, the fact remains that he has repeatedly voted to defend animal cruelty,” said local pet owner Susan Brehm-Stecher. “There’s no justification for voting to block legislation that could end the barbarism of dogfighting. If Steve King continues to defend animal cruelty, there’s no doubt in my mind that animal lovers like me will ensure his defeat in November.”

Just this week, Rep. King made national news after defending his efforts to defeat an amendment that would have made it a crime for an individual to attend or bring a child to a dogfight. According to the Humane Society, “There’s no federal lawmaker who has worked harder to thwart the enactment of anti-dogfighting legislation than Steve King.”

Rep. King is being targeted by the CREDO SuperPAC’s “Take Down the Tea Party Ten” campaign because he champions extremist Tea Party values on a variety of issues, including his repeated attempts to block common sense solutions to crack down on dogfighting.

CREDO SuperPAC is not your average SuperPAC. Instead of spending millions on TV advertising, CREDO SuperPAC has hired four full time organizers, has an office in Ames, and is partnering with local constituents in Rep. King’s district to mobilize voters and spread the word about the radical policies championed by Rep. King.

  • I just don't see

    highlights from Steve King’s outrageous comments taking him down in this district. He is very deliberate about doing these “offensive” things periodically to generate nationwide publicity and feed his base.

    • A lot of voters don't know King's record.

      There are unfortunately a large number of voters who don’t realize that Steve King may soon be representing them in the new 4th district. There are others that know that he’s extreme, but don’t realize how extreme and haven’t been engaged in the race.

      It’s crucial that voters know that Steve King’s quest for publicity and his extreme ideology reflects badly on Iowans, and that King has failed to represent their values.

      Just as King’s offensive comments serve to fire up his base, they’re also having an effect on independent voters and firing up folks on the left to work harder than ever to take him down.

  • Embarrass your state vote for Mr. King

    Mr. King’s troubles underscore the liability of a national profile built largely on Tea Party credentials and incendiary statements – his have included comparing illegal immigrants to domestic pets, defending dog fighting and likening Capitol Hill maintenance workers to “Stasi troops” after they were ordered to install new light bulbs – as candidates in newly drawn districts face an electorate tired of empty political talk and stalemate.

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