Polk Co. Soil and Water Conservatoin Commissioner

Howdy folks – 

I've got my absentee ballot in Polk County, and I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about the people running for Soil and Water Conservation District Commissioner. It's a nonpartisan office, but I still I want to make an informed choice. I haven't been able to find much on their records, and emails to the current commissioners have not been returned. I can vote for three of the following:

Chip Mathis (incumbent, current chair) 

Sherrie Taha

Daniel Beougher

Elaine J. Ilvess

Anything you guys know about them would be helpful! Thanks! 

  • after doing some research

    I voted for Chip Mathis and Sherrie Taha. Chip Mathis farms in NE Polk County and supports wise land use policies. Sherrie Taha has a record of involvement on water quality issues.

  • Oops, Conservation*

    • what you meant

      was clear. Thanks for taking some effort to learn about the non-partisan candidates. Lots of people just randomly check names for those offices, but it makes a difference when there are good people in the positions.

      For what it’s worth, people who are tuned in to stuff at Broadlawns Hospital recommended voting for both of the incumbents running for the board of trustees (Dave Harkness and Mary Fuller). Not that I heard anything negative about the third candidate.

      • yep, voted for them too!

        • soil

          Yes, I was hoping to educate myself on some down ballot issues before I cast my vote. Matter of fact, I had the lofty goal of casting an informed choice on every office on the ballot. That’s a selling point for the mail-in ballot to me – the ability to research these tiny local offices and cast a vote dictated by something other than party affiliation or random guessing.  

          • you can view the ballot online

            through the Polk County auditor’s website and do the same kind of research before voting in person at a satellite location or the auditor’s office.

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