Iowa Senate district 22 update: John Ward announces candidacy

Attorney John Ward, the widower of State Senator Pat Ward, has confirmed that he is running to succeed his wife in Iowa Senate district 22. A special election will be held on December 11 to fill the seat. The Democratic candidate will be Desmund Adams. Republicans will choose their candidate at a district nominating convention on November 8.

Earlier this week, the Iowa Republican blog listed eight potential Republican candidates, but not Ward. I suspect most of those named would not compete against Ward. One exception is Windsor Heights Pastor Terry Amman, who could fill the hard-core social conservative niche Jeff Mullen occupied during his primary challenge against Ward.

After the jump I’ve posted the latest voter registration totals in this district and a map showing the area it covers in Clive, Windsor Heights, Waukee, and West Des Moines.

October 2012 voter registration numbers for Senate district 22 from the Iowa Secretary of State’s office:

12,234 Democrats

16,964 Republicans

14,716 no-party voters

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  • Contest

    I find it hard to believe that any Republican would put up much of a fight against  John Ward, some people may never speak to you again.  The whole thing changes the dynamics of the race for Desmund Adams as well.  

    • Desmund was running

      a positive campaign already, so I don’t know that he needs to change a lot, but he was also running as a voice for moderation. John Ward clearly isn’t an extreme voice (unlike, say, Terry Amman).