A new poll

I live in Johnson county (IA-02), and I just got a strange poll.  It was very short – they asked whether I plannned to vote, Obama vs. Romney, how I voted in 2008 (Obama vs McCain), and then came the surprise.  They asked how I viewed Colin Powell – very favorably, somewhat favorably, somewhat unfavorably, very unfavorably.  It's hard to believe that Powell still has national political aspirations, but I can't figure out who else would be asking that question.

Has anyone else gotten a poll like this? 

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  • haven't heard about it

    Thanks for mentioning it. Were those the only questions, or did they ask about other national figures?

    • Powell was the only one

      They didn’t ask about any other national figures (except the candidates).

  • is the powell ad

    running in IA? He cut an ad after endorsing Obama recently. Could be the Obama campaign focus-grouping whether it would be effective in IA …

  • supposedly the ad is running in IA

    as a closing argument. This sounds like a quick poll to gauge effectiveness. Could switch to a different ad over the next two days if this one isn’t working.