Recounts finished in Iowa House and Senate races

Democratic candidate Susan Judkins halted the recount and conceded defeat in Iowa House district 43 today: “Questions about whether all absentee ballots were counted have been satisfactorily answered and I believe my narrow loss would likely stand even if all ballots were considered.” After the official canvass, Republican incumbent Chris Hagenow led by 22 votes out of nearly 17,500 cast.

A recount of the open-seat race in Iowa House district 63 concluded yesterday. Republican Sandy Salmon defeated Democrat Bill Heckroth by a little more than 100 votes out of nearly 16,500 cast.

And in a final disappointment for Iowa Democrats, Republican Mike Breitbach held onto a narrow lead over John Beard after a recount in the open Senate district 28. I’ve heard conflicting reports about the final margin, which is probably either 17 or 22 votes out of nearly 30,000 cast.

Both parties have won some close statehouse races in Iowa over the years, but this year Democrats lost most of the heartbreakers.

Republicans have a 53 to 46 Iowa House majority, with a special election in House district 52 coming up soon. Democrats have a 26 to 23 Iowa Senate majority, with a special election in Senate district 22 set for December 11.

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  • Thoughts

    Bill Heckroth, Dick Schwab and Donna Amandus and Scott Ourth were the Dems I gave to this cycle in Iowa.  I suppose 1/4 isn’t too good.  I really don’t think Rich Taylor will do much for economic development here in SD 42, but I guess that may not be his job in the eyes of many.  

    For the record I think Heckroth and Susan Judkins would make excellent candidates for Governor, but I know they are both probably electorally discouraged.  

    • supporting individual candidates

      you believe in is definitely the way to go, rather than donating to a leadership fund.

  • 43

    Susan ran a good race.  Wish she could’ve gotten a little more help.  The Dems fielded some really good candidates for the House, and the majority was theirs for the taking. Needed more money in the Truman Fund.

    • and the Truman fund

      could have been distributed differently. I heard umpteen radio ads for Mark Smith (against his opponent, Allen Burt), and saw lots of tv for Mark Smith too. He ended up winning by 2,000 votes. Heckroth, Judkins, and several others who nearly won got no help with tv.