IA-Sen: Bob Krause rules out repeat Senate bid

Bob Krause announced today that he will not seek the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate in 2014 “as long as Bruce Braley is in the race,” but may consider running for governor or for Congress next year. Krause was the first declared challenger to Senator Chuck Grassley in 2009. He finished a distant second to Roxanne Conlin in the 2010 Democratic primary.

Krause now lives in the Des Moines area, so a Congressional bid would presumably be in the third district. So far Mike Sherzan is the only declared challenger to 10-term incumbent Republican Tom Latham.

The full statement from Krause is after the jump. He and Governor Terry Branstad go way back; during the 1970s, they served in the Iowa House at the same time, representing districts next door (two halves of the same Iowa Senate district).

Press release from Bob Krause, February 14:

Bob Krause, who ran for the Democratic nomination for US Senate in 2010, says he will not run for Senate as long as Bruce Braley is in the race, but may run for governor or Congress.

Krause ran as a veterans advocate against Roxanne Conlin and Tom Feigen in the 2010 Democratic primary to run against Senator Charles Grassley. Krause has led a number of different veterans organizations and groups in Iowa. He is also a former Carter Administration official and served in the Iowa House of Representatives. He is currently employed by a defense contractor in Des Moines.

Krause recently told his Senate supporters that he is a viable candidate in any Democratic primary for the following reasons:

He has proven loyal to the party and to Democratic principles over many years and knows many people within the party over a period of many years.

He has a long history of working with labor unions, poor, working people, veterans, disabled, teachers and students, women, and has been shown not to back pedal on their needs once in office.

He has been vetted as a statewide candidate and show no major scars or blemishes that might surprise voters.

He has a reputation for dignity in politics, and has never hid behind assaults on fellow Democrats that might weaken the party in the general election. This was shown in the 2010 primary run for US Senate.

He is articulate and seasoned on public policy issues, and has written books on public policy in the past.

He went head-to-head with Governor Branstad as a state representative in the same State Senate District for 6 years when Branstad served in the Iowa House. Because of this, he will not be intimidated in the general election.

He will likely be the only veteran on the state-wide or Congressional Democratic ticket.

Krause stated that he will make a final decision later in the year as the course of the different races becomes more apparent.

  • Krause

    “He will likely be the only veteran on the state-wide or Congressional Democratic ticket.”  That sounds like a run is likely.  Bob is a good guy and he would make an interesting candidate.  You could tell he had to run on a shoestring budget in 2010 and he did so with honor.  

  • Krause

    I knew Bob at the University of Iowa. I know his roots are progressive prairie deep. He’s concern about the average guy and soldier. He would be excellent in the state capital or in Washington, D.C.

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