IA-01: Pat Murphy rolls out long endorsement list

State Representative Pat Murphy’s Congressional campaign released a list today of more than 150 Democrats who support the former Iowa House speaker’s bid to replace Bruce Braley in the U.S. House. The full list is after the jump, along with a statement from the campaign. Murphy has public support from one current Iowa Senate Democrat (Brian Schoenjahn), three current Iowa House Democrats (Roger Thomas, Mark Smith, and Bruce Bearinger), six former state representatives (Gene Ficken, John Beard, Tom Schueller, Dick Taylor, Kay Halloran, and Deo Koenigs) and two former state senators (Bob Carr and Mike Connolly). Other prominent endorsers include former U.S. Representative Dave Nagle, several union leaders, and eleven county supervisors.

Murphy is the only declared Democratic candidate in Iowa’s first district so far. His campaign raised about $68,000 between mid-February and the end of March, including more than $60,000 in contributions from individuals other than the candidate. A forthcoming Bleeding Heartland post will cover Iowa Congressional fundraising during the first quarter in more detail.

For Immediate Release: April 15, 2012                                            

Pat Murphy shows broad support across First Congressional District

Former Speaker of the Iowa House Pat Murphy released his first quarterly financial report and list public endorsements. After announcing his intention to run for Iowa’s open First Congressional district, Murphy has already received donations from hundreds of Iowans and public endorsements from over 150 elected officials, community leaders, and party activists from all twenty counties in the first congressional district.

In only forty days of fundraising, between Murphy’s announcement and the end of the first quarter fundraising deadline, Murphy’s campaign has already raised nearly $70,000.

“I have been overwhelmed by the generous support from people all across Iowa.” Murphy said “My campaign is about fighting for the middle class, so I’m pleased to have support from so many hard working Iowans.”

Murphy also released a list of over 150 endorsers from all across the first district. The list includes current and former state legislators, union officials, county supervisors, Democratic Party leaders, community activists, and members of the business community.

Murphy has strong ties to all parts of the district from his twenty-four year career as a state representative and his work as Democratic Leader and Speaker of the house, when he worked to help elected Democratic candidates across the state.

“I’ve fought with many of these Democrats over the last twenty-four years to ensure middle class families get a fair shake.” Murphy said.

Pat Murphy’s endorsers, by county


Linda Burke, Small business owner

Karen Pratte, Democratic activist

Ann Kless, Democratic activist

Lenny Burke, County Supervisor

Jim Mellick, Attorney


Rosemary Schwartz, Democratic activist

Duane Eldred, Democratic activist

Janice Eldred, Democratic activist

Terry  Hertle, County Supervisor

Judie Hertle, Community member

Black Hawk

Miriam Tyson, Retired union official & educator

Roger White, Retired teacher & Democratic activist

Eugene Lind, Retired

Wayne Gross, Retired

Pearl Gross, Retired

Dave Nagle, Former US congress member & Attorney

Matt Nagle, Democratic activist

Yavonne (Bonnie) Winther, CWA & Democratic activist

Deb Nagle , Community member

Karen Erickson, Community member

Dorothy Lind, Community member


Ed Zelle, Retired

Theresa Meyer, Democratic  Activist & Registered Nurse

Randy Meyer, Community member

Bill Hemmes, Community member

Laura Hemmes, Community member

Verona Zelle, Community member


Bill Hickey , UAW Retiree & Democratic Activist

Mickey Ficken, Registered Nurse

Gene Ficken, Former State Representative & Democratic Activist

Ralph Kremer, County Supervisor

Ellen Gaffney, County Supervisor

Inez Kremer, Community member


Frank Phippen, Veteran

Roger Thomas, State Representative

Frederique Boudouani, Small Business owner

Brian Bruening, Small Business owner

Linda Orr, Former County Treasurer

Kevin Powell, Educator, School Board member, & Democratic Activist

Jean Marie Hall, Democratic Activist

Rosie Thomas, Community member


Harold  Blatt, Retired Educator & Democratic Activist

Mike McMahon, Educator

Julie McMahon, Educator

Diane Blatt, Democratic Activist

Jerry Ries, County Supervisor


Dan White , Union Officer

Bob Carr, Retired State Senator

Martha Connolly, Retired School Administrator

Rosie Carr , Retired RN

Dan Hamel, Retired IBEW leader

Randy Lyons, Retired Educator

Paul Thurlow, Retired Educator

Caroline Koppes, Retired Educator

Walt Pragler, Retired

Donna Krug, Retail Manager

Steve Day, Registered Nurse

Vicki Krug , Publisher

Francis Giunta, Labor Leader

Joanne Giunta, Healthy Care Executive

Mike Connolly, Former State Senator

Roger Power, Educator

Sue Power , Educator

Tony Siegert, Democratic Activist

Terra Siegert, Democratic Activist

Kathy Flynn Thurlow, County Recorder

Karla Braig, City Councilor

Jackie White, Community member

David Wilson, Community member


Brian Schoenjahn, State Senator

Jake Blitsch, Retired Union Officer & Democratic Activist

Larry Murphy, Mayor of Oelwein

Bruce Bearinger , Educator & State Representative

Linda Murphy, Educator

Gayle Tellin, Democratic Activist

Peggy Sherrets, City Councilwomen

Gene Fueling, Accountant

Eileen Bearinger, Community member

Barbara Schoenjahn, Community member


Laura Lynn Hubka, Registered Nurse (RN) & Democratic Activist

Mark Kubik, County Supervisor

Don Burnikle, County Supervisor


Sandra Cronbaugh, Small Business owner

Dale Walter, County Supervisor

Robert A Cronbaugh, Community member

Beverly J Montross, Retired


Tom Schueller, Small Business owner

Donna Heffel, Small Business owner

Bob Osterhaus, Pharmacists

Dick Hefel , Educator

Jane Bofeli, Democratic Activist

Dave Bofeli, Democratic Activist

Melody Schueller, Community member

Julie Horst , Community member

Jill Noltting, Community member


Mark Denniston, Retired County Sheriff

Arlie Willems, Educator

Keith Dirks, County Supervisor

Jay Willems, Attorney

Dorris Denniston, Community member

Joyce Finn-Dirks, Community member

Jean Cook, Community member


Judy Fries, Union official

Al Hartl, President RWDSU local 110

Kay Halloran, Former State Representative, Former Mayor of Cedar Rapids & Attorney

Dick Taylor, Former State Rep & Former IEBW member

Don Zeller , Former County Sheriff

Joe Ironside, Directing Business Representative for Machinist

Roy C. Portfield, Democratic activist

Justin Shields, City Councilor & Former President Hawkeye labor council

Roger Grobstich, Business agent RWDSU

Mark Seidl, Attorney

Angela Grobstich, Community member

Naomi Zeller, Community member

Deb Phillips, Community member

Glenn Phillips, Community member

Dave Gulick, Engineer


Mark Smith, State Representative & social worker

Wayne Sawtelle, Professional firefighter

Mary Harris, Educator

Sue Blaisdell, Democratic activist

Jeff Harris, Bussing administrator

Karen Lescher, Community member

Ann Sawtelle, Community member

Willie Acord, Community member

Reita Acord, Community member

Beverly Hinshaw, Community member

Kathy Dooley, Community member

Harlietta Helland, Community member

Ray Helland, Community member

Helen Degner, Community member


Michael Wertz, Small Business owner

Joan Koenigs, Retired nurse

Deo Koenigs, Former State Representative

Jeanette Rose Armstrong, Community member

Carol Wertz, Community member


Don Smith , Educator

Robert Hamilton, Educator

Rachel Bly, Educator

Charlene Doyle, Democratic activist

Rita Ferneau, Community member

David Ferneau, Community member


Brian Murphy, Educator

Sarah Murphy, Educator

Jon Huebner, Educator

Nathan Wrage, Democratic activist & union officer

Jennifer Wrage, Democratic activist

Patricia Clarke, Community member

Yvette Berner, Community member

Raymond Berner, Community member

Maralyn A. Hotchkiss, Community member

Marlene Beenken, Community member

Betricia Clark, Community member

Norma Riha, Community member

Bonnie Crawford, Community member

Leonard Dostal, Community member

Maryan Dostal, Community member


Deborah Bishop, Nurse

John Beard, Former State Representative & small business owner

Dick Jensen, Democratic activist

Sue Otte, Community member

Lyle Otte, Community member


Joyce Russell, Mayor Fertile

Erik Hungerford, Democratic activist

Dennis May, County Supervisor

David Haugen, County Supervisor

Jim Burge, Community member

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  • Flip side to this


    List looks reeeealy short on House incumbents. Doesn’t even have his Dubuque colleagues Isenhart and Ruff.

    • I had the opposite reaction

      I was surprised any of the current legislators would endorse Murphy with the field not set. Ditto for Dave Nagle and all those county supervisors.

      In the 2008 Democratic primary for that open House seat in Dubuque, Chuck Isenhart defeated Murphy’s close associate Francis Giunta. I would have been shocked to see an endorsement from Isenhart this early.

      • Braley set the bar

        REALLY high for this type of announcement.This isn’t a field-clearer. Still a lot of folks keeping powder dry in IA01.

        • definitely not a field-clearer

          But a reminder that Murphy has a head start on everyone else.

          Braley’s Senate campaign is a completely different situation. It was clear from almost the first day that he wouldn’t have real competition in the primary.

          • $70,000

            A head start, to be sure, but won’t scare anybody out. I got a money request from Rep. Murphy, but I’m sitting tight til I see who else announces. At least one of the women in the Deeth poll is giving it serious thought, for sure.  

  • Off topic but

    Staci Appel took herself out today in House 03. Now, who?

    • don't know

      Gabriel De La Cerda is running–I will have a post up with background on him soon.

      Latham is an intimidating incumbent to run against.

      • Wondering

        She cited the ever-popular family obligations for not giving it a go. She got rock star treatment and a shout out from party elder Ed Skinner at the Polk County awards dinner a couple of weeks ago. Wonder if she figured it was just too high a hill to climb….

        • I am not convinced

          that Latham can be beaten. Wouldn’t be surprised if others conclude it’s too high a hill to climb.

  • Limited supply of oxygen

    Starting to look like the Senate race and open IA01 will take the oxygen out of the other congressional races