Ned Chiodo likely to run in Iowa Senate district 17

Ned Chiodo confirmed by telephone today that he plans to run for Iowa Senate district 17 next year, assuming current State Senator Jack Hatch does not seek re-election to that office. Chiodo said that if he becomes a candidate, he will support a "progressive populist agenda."

Chiodo served five terms in the Iowa House during the 1970s and 1980s, representing some neighborhoods on the south side of Des Moines that are now part of Senate district 17. He was elected Polk County auditor in 1984, when he retired from the Iowa House and Hatch ran successfully in the district he had represented. Chiodo has also been a registered lobbyist at the state legislature for a number of years.

Former State Senator Tony Bisignano became a candidate in Senate district 17 immediately after Hatch announced last month that he is exploring a gubernatorial bid. The June 2014 Democratic primary will be the real election in the district, where there are now 16,942 registered Democrats, 7,163 Republicans, and 11,137 no-party voters. Another possible Democratic candidate is Chris Diebel, a marketing specialist who is managing director of LPCA Public Strategies (Jeff Link's political consulting outfit).

Any relevant comments are welcome in this thread. A detailed district map is after the jump.

Senate district 17 covers most of the south side of Des Moines, plus much of downtown and the Sherman Hill neighborhood between downtown and the interstate.

Iowa Senate district 17 photo IowaSD17_zps4226a546.jpg

  • Oh good!

    A casino lobbyist is exactly what we need in the Legislature! (That was sarcasm).

    Also Civic Skinny claimed last week that Diebel wouldn't run if Chiodo does, which would be unfortunate if it turns out to be true.

  • New blood

    I have only been involved in Polk County politics since 2008 so I don't know too much about Ned Chiodo or Tony Bisignano, but I think maybe it is time for some new blood in the Iowa Senate. Without knowing many details or facts about these 2 gentlemen I can only go by the the stories and innuendo that you hear about Southside politics here in Des Moines. Downtown Des Moines keeps growing and becoming "cooler" and I think it deserves a "cool" Senator. They don't need to be young, but the should be plugged in to the modern economy, technology and the new "cooler" Des Moines scene.  

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