IA-01: Dave O'Brien joins Democratic field

Dave O’Brien launched his campaign for the open seat in Iowa’s first Congressional district this week. Speaking in Cedar Rapids on Wednesday, O’Brien said he’s “sick and tired of playing defense” and ready to “go the on offensive with an aggressive and progressive policy agenda.” He called for policies oriented toward building the middle class and improving our infrastructure.

O’Brien’s campaign is on the web, Facebook, and Twitter. I’ve posted his campaign announcement and official bio after the jump. He emphasizes that he’s a “lifelong progressive Democrat”–an unspoken contrast with Cedar Rapids City Council member Monica Vernon, who was a Republican until 2009, and former State Senator Swati Dandekar, long known as one of the more conservative Democrats in the Iowa legislature. Vernon kicked off her Congressional campaign last month, and Dandekar appears likely to announce later this summer. Iowa House Speaker Pat Murphy has been running for months, and State Representative Anesa Kajtazovic recently formed an exploratory committee.

Note: O’Brien ran for Congress against Republican Fred Grandy in 1988. The old sixth district covered the northwest corner of the state, tough ground for any Democrat.

Dave O’Brien announces 1st Congressional District campaign

Jul 10, 2013

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – Dave O’Brien, a Cedar Rapids attorney and lifelong Democrat, today announced his candidacy for Congress in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District. O’Brien’s campaign will focus on advocating for progressive policies to rebuild the middle class.

“Our congressional district deserves a representative who will be an advocate for the middle class and who will never stop fighting for progressive policies,” said Dave O’Brien. “If we want to leave behind a brighter future for our children, we need to rebuild the middle class and bring reason back into the public policy debate in this country. I learned from my father that if you’re in a position to help someone you do it. It’s because of that belief that I’m running for Congress and I look forward to earning the support of voters across the district over the coming months.”

Dave and his wife, Stacey, live in Cedar Rapids where his legal practice focuses on fighting for Iowans who have had their constitutional rights violated. The two have four children, Samara, Ansley, Tyler, and Shawn, and have served as foster parents for several children over the years.

O’Brien has long been active in local Democratic Party politics. In addition to running for Congress in 1988, for Iowa’s 6th Congressional District, he served as state chair for the 1992 Clinton-Gore campaign and then joined the Department of Labor under Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich.

More information about O’Brien’s campaign is available on his website, www.obrienforiowa.com and voters are encouraged to join him on Facebook and Twitter.

From the “about Dave” page of the website:

Dave O’Brien is a native Iowan and lifelong progressive Democrat who has spent his career standing up for the rights of Iowans as an attorney. Now, he is running for Congress to be an advocate for the people of Iowa’s 1st District.

Dave has long been active in Democratic Party politics across Iowa. In addition to serving as treasurer and chair of the Woodbury County Democratic Party, Dave was selected to chair the 1992 Clinton-Gore campaign for the state of Iowa. He has also served on the Linn County Democratic Party central committee and on the steering committee for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign during the 2008 election cycle.

In 1995 Dave joined the United States Department of Labor, where he worked under Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, serving in multiple positions, including as chair of the Administrative Review Board. Dave’s work at the Department of Labor focused on enforcing progressive labor policies and ensuring fair labor practices.

In 1998 Dave, and his wife Stacey, returned to Iowa where he began practicing law in Cedar Rapids. Dave and Stacey have four children, Samara, Ansley, Tyler, and Shawn. Dave and Stacey have also acted as foster parents to several children over the years.

Dave has worked as an attorney for nearly 30 years, establishing a reputation as a thorough and strong advocate for his clients. His law practice consists primarily of fighting for Iowans who have been injured by the negligent and wrongful acts of others. Dave has also been involved with the Iowa Association for Justice, serving as chair of the IAJ PAC for four years.

You can learn more about Dave and stay up-to-date with his campaign by joining him on on the web, Facebook and Twitter.

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