Libertarian Jake Porter running for Secretary of State again

Catching up on news from last week, Jake Porter plans a second campaign for Iowa secretary of state on the Libertarian ticket. He received 33,854 votes (about 3 percent of votes cast) as the Libertarian nominee for that office in 2010. Porter's campaign is on the web here, as well as on Facebook and twitter. I've posted his campaign announcement and official bio after the jump. He pledged not to "endorse any political candidate like [current Secretary of State] Matt Schultz did when he supported Rick Santorum for President," and touted the fact that he is not affiliated with any major political party like Democratic candidate for secretary of state Brad Anderson.

Porter's bio alludes to experience with political consulting and campaign management. He elaborated by e-mail that he managed Libertarian candidate Eric Cooper's campaign for Iowa governor in 2010, Bob Barr's Libertarian presidential campaign in Iowa during the 2008 general election, and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson's presidential campaign in Iowa for part of 2011, when Johnson was running as a Republican.

For Immediate Release

Monday, July 22, 2013

Council Bluffs, Iowa-Jake Porter has declared his intention to run for Iowa Secretary of State in the 2014 election as a Libertarian.

Porter, 25, was the 2010 Libertarian nominee for Secretary of State. In 2010, Porter received 33,854 votes in the general election, covering the margin of Republican Matt Schultz's victory over Democrat Michael Mauro.

Porter earned his Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from AIB College of Business in Des Moines. After college, Porter moved to Nebraska where he worked as a retail store manager. Today, Porter lives in Council Bluffs and handles customer care issues for a large Internet corporation in Omaha. In addition to his private sector work, Porter has managed and advised several political campaigns. Porter believes his hard work and experience make him a perfect fit for the job. "The Secretary of State primarily deals with business and elections which are two areas I know first-hand. Additionally, my management experience allows me to effectively and efficiently manage the Secretary of State's office."

Although Porter has own political positions, he has questioned his opponents for their heavy ties to partisan politics. "As Secretary of State, I would not endorse any political candidate like Matt Schultz did when he supported Rick Santorum for President. Additionally, I do not have ties to one of the two major political parties like Brad Anderson does. Unlike Anderson, I have never advised or worked for John Edwards or President Obama. We need someone who is independent of the two major political parties to act as a referee and that is the type of candidate I am." Porter said.

In addition to keeping the office independent and transparent, Porter wants to make starting a business in Iowa easier. His highest priority is maintaining safe and secure elections without disenfranchising the voters of Iowa.

Porter will file paperwork with the Iowa Ethics and Disclosure Board later in the week. He has already assembled a campaign organization. The campaign plans to run an active campaign primarily using radio, television, newspaper, and Internet advertising to gain name recognition among Iowa voters.

For more information about Jake Porter please visit:

From the "About Jake" page of the campaign website:

Jake Porter is a business and non-profit manager with over five years experience in both the sectors of retail and political consulting. Porter has served on non-profit boards, managed several political campaigns, and has retail management experience running multi-million dollar department stores.

In addition to managing political campaigns, Porter himself ran for Iowa statewide office in 2010.

In 2011, Porter earned his Bachelors degree in Business Administration from AIB College of Business in Des Moines, Iowa before taking a position in Nebraska. While at AIB, he acted as the CEO of the AIB Entrepreneurship class earning a 300% profit.

Today, Porter resides in Council Bluffs, Iowa and works for a large Internet corporation in Omaha, Nebraska.

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