IA-Gov: Bob Dvorsky is third senator to endorse Tyler Olson

It’s been a banner week for State Representative Tyler Olson. Not only did the top two Iowa Senate Democrats both rule out running for governor, Olson gained public support from State Senator Bob Dvorsky. He posted on Facebook last night, “I’m not just endorsing Tyler, but the idea of creating a new vision for Iowa that will lead our state into the next 30 years of innovation and prosperity.” Dvorsky’s wife, Sue Dvorsky, preceded Olson as Iowa Democratic Party chair and “enthusiastically” endorsed his candidacy a few weeks ago. Olson also has the backing of State Senator Janet Petersen, with whom he served in the Iowa House, and State Senator Rob Hogg, whom he has known for the last decade, as well as several Iowa House Democrats.

The endorsements for Olson are a bit awkward for State Senator Jack Hatch, who hasn’t secured the public support of any fellow legislators as he explores a gubernatorial campaign.

I understand jumping on board with a candidate you believe in, but at the same time, I feel that a Democratic establishment stampede to any candidate (as happened with Brad Anderson’s secretary of state campaign) is premature when the field isn’t even set. In addition to Olson and Hatch, former State Representative Bob Krause is running for governor, and State Treasurer Mike Fitzgerald hasn’t ruled out the race. The Iowa Democratic Party would benefit from at least one spirited statewide primary contest next spring, especially since the U.S. Senate race is just a coronation on our side.

Any relevant comments are welcome in this thread. After the jump I’ve posted Olson’s first campaign video, a biographical piece released online last week.  

  • Hatch

    Hatch has enough ties in the state to be competitive.  The question is whether they will use anything other than Medicaid expansion and the Lee County fertilizer plant in their arguments against Branstad.

    Hatch has to draw contrasts from Olson as well, other than the implication that he has no idea what he is doing.  

  • Governor's Race Musings

    First: JP=TO’s running mate, although I think Janet should run for Gov.  Shake things up.  Why not?  He should be HER Lt Gov.

    Women who don’t run don’t get elected. If you are willing to run for Lt. Gov why aren’t you willing to go all the way? Do it.  Rock Terry’s world. If I see another female lt governor a step back and to the right of “her man”, nodding like a bobble head, I think I will go screaming into the night.

    Two: When is Jack Hatch going to announce?  Thought it was was set for 10 days ago or so. What happened? Gronstal is out of the picture, so what is the hold up?

    Three: Does Troopergate (I know, I hate it too) have legs? I used to not think so, but maybe it does.  The Hedlund lawsuit, if it ever comes to trial, will keep it alive. It is something voters can identify with, esp in the era of speed cameras. Smacks of entitlement – another example of him being around too long. See Art Cullen’s recent piece in the Storm Lake paper (while they still have a paper)

    And of course, The Branstaders ignored damage control 101 – promptly acknowledge, apologize, pay the penalty, move on.  “Yes, my trooper was speeding that day to get us to the next gig.  Yes I should’ve told him to slow down.  He has been ticketed, and we will review our schedules to make sure we can get to where we’re going on time without speeding. We are very sorry. It won’t happen again.  Next question?”  Even The Lug figured it out, ticketing his wife for smoking in the state car, paying the fine, and moving on. And that’s less serious than speeding. Would be interested to know what others think about the speeding issue.  Legs or not, with the election more than a year away?

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