Brian Meyer wins special election in Iowa House district 33

Des Moines City Council member Brian Meyer won today’s special election in Iowa House district 33 by a convincing margin of 1,380 votes to 363 (79.1 percent to 20.8 percent), according to unofficial results. Although Governor Terry Branstad recorded robocalls to get out the vote for Republican candidate Michael Young, it wasn’t enough to overcome the overwhelming Democratic advantage in this district. Meyer was previously a top aide to Iowa House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, whose resignation in August left this seat open. Today’s outcome means that for now, the Republican majority in the Iowa House remains 53-47.

I wish Meyer well but regret that other potentially good candidates stepped aside before the Democratic nominating convention. Two of the three people who strongly considered this race would have become Iowa’s first Latino state legislator. Instead, we have another white male insider in the Iowa House.

Meyer’s victory opens up a Des Moines City Council. Joe Henry, who had announced a campaign in House district 33 before Meyer got in the race, is a likely candidate to replace Meyer on the council.

Any relevant thoughts are welcome in this thread. A press release from the Iowa House Democrats is after the jump.

October 22:

Des Moines, Iowa – Brian Meyer was elected as the State Representative in District 33 in a special election in Des Moines today.

“I’m proud to be chosen by the voters of Des Moines to serve them in the Iowa House of Representatives,” said Meyer. “When the Legislative session begins in January, my focus will be to strengthen Iowa’s middle class and working poor, stand strong for civil rights and fight everyday for a cleaner environment.”

Brian is currently in his seventh year serving the citizens of Southeast Des Moines as a member as the Des Moines City Council.  Prior to his service on the council, Brian served on the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission.  He is a 2002 graduate of Drake Law School and a former member of AFSCME, Local 1868.  

Brian lives in Southeast Des Moines with his wife Ann and two children, Evelyn and Clara.  He is a former Assistant Iowa Attorney General and former Assistant Polk County Attorney.

The 2014 Iowa Legislature starts work on January 13.

  • had no idea we had never had a Latino legislator

    just assumed that we had since we’ve elected a few immigrants, African-Americans, and even gays. Disappointing.

    I would hope Gallagher and Henry consider entering the council race (not sure how the distict/ward borders compare). There is a decent chance that the next DM council could have five white people over the age of sixty. That isn’t, uh, ideal.

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