NRCC picks Rod Blum in IA-01, not playing favorites in IA-02 or IA-03

The National Republican Congressional Committee announced its latest batch of candidates for the "Young Guns" program today. Dubuque-based business owner Rod Blum, one of three GOP candidates in Iowa's open first Congressional district, is among 50 Republicans on the bottom rung, called "on the radar." Candidates who meet certain benchmarks for fundraising and campaign organization have a chance to move up to "contender" status and perhaps eventually to "young gun" level, which entails more direct support from the NRCC.

During the 2012 primary in IA-01, the NRCC favored establishment candidate Ben Lange over Blum. At this point, Blum is the obvious favorite to win the GOP nomination, with State Representative Walt Rogers out of the race and the other contenders way behind Blum financially.

Last year, the NRCC put IA-02 on its long list of targets and indicated that it was ready to defend Tom Latham in IA-03. None of the three registered GOP candidates in IA-02 or the six registered candidates in the open IA-03 are on the NRCC's radar yet. Depending on fundraising, the winner of the IA-03 primary has a strong chance to become a "contender" or a "young gun" by this fall. The NRCC will almost surely spend money to defend that seat. I am skeptical that IA-02 will become a serious target for Republicans, though.

Any comments about Iowa's Congressional races are welcome in this thread.

  • Lofgren

    Lofgren is finally starting to come out of his hibernation.  He has an event schedule at the Keokuk Public Library.  I presume it is too little, too late.  I also presume that he didn't want to put his campaign ahead of his legislative service.  

    Loebsack seems acceptable to most voters in the Quad Cities so I'm not sure where a Republican can overcome the built in Johnson County advantage.  

    • what was he doing all last year

      when the legislature wasn't in session?

      I think Republicans are planning to do a lot better in Scott County in a midterm year. Braley lost that county in 2010. But Loebsack has focused more on local issues there than Braley did before the 2010 election.

      • IA-3

        Any of you more-informed guys have any idea about the standing of the republican primary in IA-3? Personally a David Young supporter but have seen very little data.

        • have not seen any data

          but am working on a series of posts to catch up on the IA-03 Republican campaigns.

          David Young is the candidate best positioned to understand what working in Congress involves.

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