IA-03: Zaun's out but two "Liberty" candidates are in

Catching up on news from last week, State Senator Brad Zaun confirmed on the July 10 edition of Simon Conway’s radio show that he will not leave the Republican Party or run for Congress as an independent in Iowa’s third district. I had a feeling Zaun was just seeking attention or fishing for compliments with his July 4 Facebook post about friends “encouraging me to switch to an Independent.” He told Conway, “I basically just put out a provocative post […] I didn’t commit myself one way or the other and of course it exploded.”

Zaun’s third term in the Iowa Senate expires in 2016. He has reportedly been telling people he does not plan to seek re-election to the state legislature again. Zaun left his party’s Iowa Senate leadership team shortly after Republicans failed to regain a majority in the 2012 election.

Meanwhile, at least two conservative third-party candidates are running in IA-03 this year. Ed Wright received the Libertarian Party of Iowa’s nomination in June. His campaign is on the web, Facebook, and Twitter.

Council Bluffs native Bryan Jack Holder officially announced his campaign in March as a Republican, but he did not qualify for the GOP primary ballot. Last month he confirmed on Conway’s radio show that he will file to run for Congress as an independent.

After the jump I’ve posted some background information on Wright and Holder from their respective campaign websites. Neither candidate will raise enough money to reach voters district-wide through traditional campaign methods. However, these advocates for restoring freedom and the Constitution could influence the outcome if the race between Democrat Staci Appel and Republican David Young is close. In 2010, two little-known conservative candidates in Iowa’s first district gained more votes combined than Representative Bruce Braley’s winning margin against Republican Ben Lange.

From Ed Wright’s official campaign bio:

Ed is a 5th generation Iowan — born and raised in Central and West Central Iowa.  His parents were farmers and teachers.  Ed attended both public schools and private/parochial schools in Guthrie Center, Des Moines and Carroll, Iowa.  He studied Electrical Engineering at Iowa State University and the University of Kansas and holds a BA in Business from Grand View University.

Ed served 9 years active duty in the U.S. Navy, working in Nuclear Power Plants aboard a submarine and aircraft carrier.  He worked as an Electrical Engineer for several years before his current, 30 year career in the investment business.

Married nearly 30 years, Ed enjoys frequent visits with his daughter, son, grand daughter, and recently, great grand daughter.  Ironically, all live and work in Iowa’s 3rd District!

Ed is active in his recreational and instructional target shooting club and is a member of American Legion.  On his farm, Ed grows Black Walnut trees for hardwood lumber and the nut crop, in addition to raising hay.

Hobbies include reading, carpentry, music and astronomy.

Concerned over swelling government whose growing suppression of individual and small business freedoms — Ed’s campaign will focus on legislation and regulator body oversight, protecting and restoring freedom.

From the Holder for Iowa website’s “about” page (emphasis in original):

Why “Run” for Congress ?

It’s time to make a Stand!

    I’m a Candidate for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District because the Federal Government is OUT OF CONTROL.  Someone has to stand up for our Rights to Life, Liberty, Property, Privacy and Security.  The Constitution is no longer considered the “supreme law of the land” and the Bill of Rights is violated on a daily basis (PATRIOT ACT, NDAA, NSA Spying, IRS, Obamacare, Illegal Immigration, the “War on Some Drug Users”, the “War on Terror”, the Military-Media-Pharma-Prison-Industrial Complex, Global Empire & Conquest, Foreign Interventions, Veterans Affairs Scandal).

    The most basic right is the “right to be left alone”- to live a life free from  government interference, regulation, Tyranny and Slavery.

    Prior Restraint of Unalienable Rights is the very definition of TYRANNY.  Freeborn Americans don’t have to ask for permission to LIVE FREE!!!

    Washington D.C. does not listen to or care about the issues and problems facing American Citizens.  The Two-Party System is deadlocked in a never-ending struggle for POWER and CONTROL, paid for by the Crony Corporatists and at the expense of Our Liberty.  There are many Existential Crises that threaten to destroy America and our way of life- Economic Collapse, Electromagnetic Pulse Attack, Nuclear War, Global Pandemic, and Islamic Terrorism just to name a few.  It’s long past time for all Americans to have a voice in the political process- I’m here to be that voice- an Advocate for Liberty, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Rule of Law, Due Process & Equality.

I am a lifelong resident of Crescent Township & Council Bluffs, Iowa and proud Iowa Citizen.  I earned my high school diploma at St. Albert Catholic High School (May 1991) where I was a student-athlete.  

    I accepted academic and athletic scholarships to continue my education at Iowa Western Community College where I earned my Associate of Arts degree (May 1993).  Before my freshman year of college, I was diagnosed with Juvenile discogenic disease and was forced to withdraw from the basketball squad.  Having this disease enabled me to concentrate on my studies exclusively for the first time in my life, achieving a 2-year cumulative GPA of 3.794 and graduating with High Honors.  During my sophomore year @ IWCC, I walked-on the baseball team and made the varsity squad as a pitcher.  

    Enrolling in Bellevue University in August 1993, my undergraduate education continued with a Major in Psychology and a Minor in Speech Communication.  I was initiated into the Alpha Chi national college honor society that is by invitation only based on a student’s academic achievement.  I received my B.S. in Psychology- With Honor (May 1995)- achieving a cumulative GPA of 3.765.

    I applied to and was accepted to the University of Iowa College of Law, The University of Nebraska College of Law, and Creighton University School of Law. My paternal grandparents were terminally ill during my senior year of undergraduate college.  Being very close to them and the rest of my family, I decided that it would be best to stay in Council Bluffs and attend Creighton Law School in Omaha, Nebraska.  I graduated in May 1998, earning my Juris Doctor (Doctor of Law).

    During my undergraduate and law school studies, I continued to work in my family photography and videography business, Holder Photo & Video.  Upon graduation from law school, I decided to pursue the American dream of being an entreprenuer, expanding the size and scope of my family business started by my hardworking mother and father in 1968.

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  • Holder

    Holder’s hat distracts me.  I guess it is just a sign of the time that I can become so easily distracted during someone’s presentation.  

    • I almost couldn't get past that irritating noise

      like an old tv test signal, at the beginning of his YouTube video.

      But I give him points for creativity, because I’ve never seen a candidate statement that referenced electromagnetic pulse attacks.

  • HolderForIowa- 3rd Congressional District Liberty Candidate- Announced in Jan. 2014

    This is Bryan posting.  I announced my Candidacy in mid-January 2014.

    My first campaign video was filmed by me on January 19th at the State Capitol Complex-https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=raomQd7YPUE

    I originally announced my GOP Primary Campaign on January 21st to local Pott. County Citizens at the Precinct Caucus.  

    I explained to the PottCo Central Meeting in Feb 2014 that whether I got on the GOP Primary Ballot or not, I would still “run” in the Summer as an independent Liberty Candidate.

    My first recorded speech at a PottCo CC meeting was March 4- https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=…

    Earlier on March 4, my iPhone inadvertently recorded my polling place experience, which is a protected activity under the First Amendment & Iowa law- https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=…

    My last speech as a GOP Primary Candidate was at the Pott County Convention on March 8th, 2014- https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=…

    I withdrew from the GOP Primary on March 14th, 2014, but remained a member of the Party so I could see exactly how things work from the inside.  I remained a Citizen Journalist the entire time, documenting meetings & Speeches in an effort to bring Transparency & Accountability to this political process.  Everyone can see my work product on my YouTube channel.  I have received no compensation for my work as a CJ, but I have received much scorn & hostility with a few sprinkles of thanks.

    I did film an incident with Congressman Steve King at the GOP State Convention- and the entire Convention from start to finish as a Citizen Journalist.

    Des Moines Register Senior Reporter William Petroski gave me a brief interview at the 3rd District Special Convention on June 21st- most likely because of my colorful outrageous attire.  ;).


    After the 3rd District Special Convention, I changed my affiliation to “No Party” & launched my website HolderForIowa.com & began seeking nominating signatures.  

    I was interviewed by WHO 1040 AM’s Simon Conway on June 25th, 2014-


    I attended as a Citizen Journalist & was allowed a few minutes to speak at the PottCo Central Committee meeting on July 3rd, 2014-


    I begin riding my bike & walking to Des Moines later this week to file my Petition Papers to get on the Nov. 4th General Election ballot for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District.

    I have spent less than a couple hundred dollars on this “campaign” & HAVE NOT asked for either Donations or Votes.  I write my own Speeches, produce my own Videos, & created my website.  I have only asked for an opportunity to be an Advocate for Liberty.

    I’m trying my best to bring a little education, controversy & excitement to the boring Democratic-Republican hegemony that dictates our daily lives & has destroyed the social fabric of this nation.  I’m also writing a book about my experience & am filming a documentary about my “run” for Congress.

    God bless these United States of America!

    Thank you for reading,

    Bryan Jack Holder

    Domari Nolo!!!