David Sieck will represent Iowa House district 23

Republican David Sieck won yesterday’s special election to represent Iowa House district 23. The seat became vacant after State Representative Mark Costello won the special election to replace Joni Ernst in Iowa Senate district 12. Unofficial results from the Iowa Secretary of State’s office indicate that Sieck won 1082 votes to 404 for Democrat Steve Adams. House district 23 is one of the most GOP-leaning Iowa House seats, containing more than twice as many registered Republicans as Democrats. The southwestern Iowa district covers Mills and Fremont counties, plus most of Montgomery County. I’ve enclosed a map after the jump.

Sieck had unsuccessfully sought the GOP nomination to replace Ernst, and Adams was the Democratic nominee in the Senate district 12 special election. The Omaha World-Herald published this background on Sieck:

“I’m running because I’m fed up with big government pushing down on us all the time,” Sieck said.

Sieck is a lifelong resident of Iowa and a founding member of Responsible River Management, which works to find solutions to river management issues on the Missouri River, among other duties. He was vice chairman of the Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee and a recipient of the Grassroots Award in 2014 with the Iowa and National Corn Growers Associations.

Do you think Sieck views farm subsidies, crop insurance subsidies, and flood relief funds as the federal government “pushing down” on farmers in his area?

Iowa House district 23 photo IowaHD23_zps919953d0.jpg

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  • No,that's not it

    What really upsets him is that tax bill you described in the previous post that gives accelerated depreciation to farmers for the machinery they buy.  

    Plus all those subsidies for ethanol are always in the back of his mind, no doubt, when he’s not thinking of CRP payments or cost-sharing programs.

    He’s probably also working the refs, so to speak, thinking to set the mood for the next time some farm subsidy is up for debate or the next time someone complains about ag pollution, or about soil erosion turning the snow black.