I'm pretty sure this was the moment

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This was the moment I decided who I was caucusing for.

I didn't caucus for Hillary in 2008. In fact, I was a precinct captain for another candidate. I hadn't been on board with the Ready for Hillary stuff that's been around for the last year or more. I went to hear Bernie speak at Drake before he decided to run. I met with an O'Malley staffer and went to a house party. I was enjoying the process as an undecided voter. And then we took our kids to Washington, DC.

And somehow, looking at the display in the Smithsonian of first lady gowns with my daughter did it for me. I NEED my daughter to grow up with a female president. I don't want her dream to be growing up to be First Lady. Yes, there are some courageous and amazing women commemorated elsewhere in the Smithsonian. But this... the women in the White House are remembered primarily for their gowns.

It is damn time for us to get a new picture. To figure out what we call her - Madame President? (Sure as hell better not be Mrs. President.) And what we call him - First Gentleman? And to put the first of many damn tuxes in this display of the presidents' spouses' attire.

And that moment in whatever debate it was that the women's room was way farther away from the stage than the men's room, and instead of allowing for that, they f*&^%ing started after the break WITHOUT her.

When Obama (quietly) signed the order allowing women into any role in the military, including combat, I thought, "Yep, including Commander in Chief."

So that's it. Yes, she's qualified. She has a fantastic mind, she knows the economy, she's been in the Situation Room a lot, she knows world leaders, she's cool under pressure. I'm not voting for her just because she's a woman. (I mean, Sarah Palin also happens to be female.) When I listen to her speak, I feel optimistic about our future. That's critical.

But also because she is here now, qualified and running while my daughter is just entering her double digits, that's why I'm out door knocking and phone banking and precinct captain-ing for Hillary.

Hillary Clinton ball gown photo LouisaDykstraballgown_zps9jqduopn.jpg

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