What Kind of Precinct Captain Are You?

A veteran of many Iowa Democratic campaigns explains what good precinct captains do, with bonus Star Wars references. -promoted by desmoinesdem

Across Iowa next Monday night there will be 1682 precincts where three democratic candidates will vie for delegates. Every one of those candidate groups, plus undecided groups, will have a precinct captain. If every campaign is viable in every precinct that’s at least 5046 Iowans who will be leaders.

Some will be thrown into their duties that night. Others have known for weeks that they will be the precinct captain for their candidate. The important question for each of these folks to answer is, “What kind of precinct captain are you?”

Are you General Leia? Do you have a command structure built for the night? Do you know all your candidate’s supporters? Have you called and introduced yourself? The General Leia precinct captains have plans, contingency plans, and are willing to adjust to the situation based upon their read of the caucus battlefield.


Are you Han Solo? Begrudgingly placed as precinct captain at the last minute, with your faithful ally Chewbacca spouting strategies in your ear, which you consistently ignore.


Are you Yoda? Are you using the force to bring people to your candidate, visualizing the outcome you most desire, drawing on the power of the Universe to make things work?

Whether you are an experienced precinct captain or doing this for the first time, here’s a checklist that will get you through the next few days and help Monday night go as well as possible for you and your candidate.

1. Do you have a list of all the supporters in your precinct? If not, then contact your campaign and get the list.

2. Call through the list and introduce yourself to your supporters. Tell them:
a. Where your caucus is located.
b. When you will arrive at the location.
c. When they should arrive.
d. Ask if they need a ride, and if they do, line up someone to drive them.
e. Ask one or two people to help with check-in.

3. Touch base with your temporary chair and introduce yourself.
a. Offer to have some of your candidate’s supporters help with check-in.
b. Offer to help with the caucus set up and clean up.

May the Force be with you. (Of course, I’m pulling for General Leia to win!)

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