It's O'Malley for Me

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I will be caucusing for Martin O’Malley next week. When I decided to write a post, I began by highlighting a laundry list of Gov. O’Malley’s accomplishments and his goals for the country. He has an outstanding progressive record in Maryland and he put forward a well-founded program for the country. But that’s not WHY I am supporting O’Malley.

I am supporting Martin O’Malley because I want America to move FORWARD.

In the democratic primary, one might think the choice is only between a candidate who says “Elect me because everything is going to hell!” and a candidate who says “Elect me or else everything WILL go to hell!” As progressives, do we want these to be our only choices? Should we even be satisfied with these choices at all?

In the 30’s, the New Dealers just didn’t rein in Wall St. They built Hoover Dam, created an artistic renaissance in our cities, and provided the framework for farmers to feed the planet. In the 60s, JFK just didn’t protect those gains. The New Frontier gave us the Peace Corps, civil rights, and a man on the moon which eventually gave us devices like the one I am using now. Democrats are at our best when we look ahead and work to create the best future we can.

Take climate change. One candidate will tell you climate change is terrible and those oil companies have to pay. Another will tell you climate change is terrible and we should throw up a few more solar cells.

Martin O’Malley will tell you climate change presents the greatest economic opportunity in a century. He wants America to lead the planet in solving the greatest challenge humans may ever face, and transform our economy while we are at it. (And he has a damn fine blueprint for doing it at MartinO’ To me, Martin O’Malley is what a positive progressive candidate should look like.

Iowa democrats can send a message that we want to lead America by yelling at the rain or by looking backwards and hoping the 90’s happen twice. Or we can tell the country we’re the party who doesn’t fear the future and loves a good challenge.

Martin O’Malley epitomizes what we democrats are when we are at our best. I urge everyone to support him next Monday.

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