Andy McGuire supporter urges unity, hopes for positivity

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My name is Phyllis Womble, and I am 81 years old. I am an avid, active West Des Moines Democrat, and I agree with my fellow Democrats that we desperately need a change in leadership in Iowa. The field of Democratic candidates is crowded, and I am a proud supporter of Dr. Andy McGuire to be the next Governor of Iowa. I heard Dr. McGuire speak on several occasions back in the summer. Her compassion, expertise and experience extremely impressed me, and I’ve been on board her campaign ever since. I firmly believe that Andy McGuire is the best candidate to ensure that we elect a Democrat this November.

Dr. McGuire’s commitment to the issues I care about is sincere. She values public education, and she truly believes that every child in Iowa should receive a world-class education. She knows teachers need the resources and the respect they deserve. My brothers were proud veterans, and Dr. McGuire’s work at the Veterans Hospital is extremely important to me. Dr. McGuire wants to fix these significant problems, and she has a prescription for policies that will fix our state’s health care crisis.

She knows that you can’t always just throw money at problems. Iowa needs a governor who provides solutions and plan and a governor driven by data and facts. That’s the kind of governor we will get with Dr. Andy McGuire.

I’m writing not only to advocate for my candidate of choice, Dr. Andy McGuire, but also to encourage civility and unity during and after what could be a contentious primary. My son and I are backing different candidates in the primary, and I am sure we are not the only family or house divided. We cannot allow a political primary battle to keep us from getting behind the eventual nominee.

One of the things that impresses me about Dr. McGuire is her positive attitude fueled by her vision that we can do better as a state. Today, too many people lack empathy for others and don’t engage in civility and common decency toward one another. As Iowa Democrats, we cannot allow our divisions to prevent us from defeating Gov. Reynolds. This election isn’t about who caucused for who in 2016 or Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.

This primary election is about electing the best Democrat to take on and defeat Gov. Reynolds in November. For me, that candidate is Dr. Andy McGuire. And as Democrats, we can agree to disagree, but come November, the only way we win is if we all agree to get out there and vote Democrat.

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