Theresa Greenfield is our choice to defeat Joni Ernst

Sue Dvorsky is a longtime Democratic activist and former state chair of the Iowa Democratic Party. -promoted by Laura Belin

About a year ago, when Theresa Greenfield announced she was running for U.S. Senate, my husband, retired State Senator Bob Dvorsky and I were proud to be a part of the very first group of nearly 20 Iowa Democratic leaders, elected officials and activists to endorse her. We were drawn to her story. We admired her grace under pressure. We clearly recognized the grit, humor, and work ethic.

U.S. Senate races aren’t like any other election. Statewide. Six years. The state of Iowa and the state of the world has changed so much in the last six years that I can barely recall what 2014 was like. But I do know this: it is imperative for the future of this state, and the future of our country, that we change the leadership and the membership of the United States Senate.

Theresa Greenfield is the best match up against Joni Ernst. Both women, both share elements of their life stories. The critical difference is how Greenfield’s life experiences have informed her worldview, and her policy proposals.

Her lived experience with the farm crisis of the 1980s. “My parents had to stop farming, and they never farmed again.”

Her lived experience with Social Security. “Those benefits helped a young widow with a toddler and one on the way to survive.”

Her lived experience with labor unions. “Those sisters and brothers supported me like family.”

Her lived experience with access to education. “I got back on my feet and had the dignity of work that could support my family.”

Her experience as a small business woman, making a payroll.

The strong grassroots fundraising (without corporate PAC money); the staunch support of labor; statewide support of leaders and activists; an engaged base of volunteers; these are all hallmarks of a winning campaign.

And win we must. The political and economic landscape of both Iowa and the nation are changing almost daily. This race has garnered national attention because this race is absolutely winnable with the right candidate. Bob and I believe Theresa Greenfield is that candidate. As Daniel Marans described Theresa in a profile for HuffPost, “the front-runner for Iowa’s Democratic Senate nomination tells her tale of rural roots, perseverance and business savvy, she is also keen to emphasize the social solidarity that made it all possible.”

By next week, our entire ticket, from Joe Biden to the county races, will be clear for all of us. Our work is cut out for us. The stakes couldn’t be higher. We believe that with Theresa at the top of our Iowa ticket, running with Abby Finkenauer, Cindy Axne, Rita Hart, and JD Scholten, anchored by amazing candidates for the Iowa House, Senate and county races, we can begin to restore accountability to our government.

Please make sure to cast your ballot early or in person. And we would be honored if you would join us in casting your primary ballot for Theresa Greenfield.

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Top photo of Theresa Greenfield speaking to AFSCME members was taken by the Greenfield campaign, provided by the author, and published with permission.

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  • Republicans are crossing their fingers either women will win the primary

    Republican circles are wishing one of the two women win, because they are the weaker candidates of the four. Depending whether any of the four candidates meet 35%, a run off seems likely. If Theresa Greenfield doesn’t hit 35% then the democrat establishment spent millions of dollars for nothing.

  • When deciding how to vote in a primary...

    …one of the things I consider is which candidates have launched negative ad campaigns against other candidates. And I also consider which candidates have allied groups that have launched negative ads on their behalf.