Theresa Greenfield respects all Iowans

Earlier this month I was honored to cast my vote for Theresa Greenfield for U.S. Senate. Theresa has common sense and she will focus on concrete, pragmatic action to solve our biggest challenges: investing in infrastructure and education, expanding health care, taking urgent climate action, protecting women’s rights and ending gun violence.

Theresa stands out because she listens and respects the hard work and dignity of all Iowans. That’s how she’s earned the endorsement of 25 labor groups and grassroots progressive organizations like Giffords and the Brady Campaign.

When it comes to strong candidates who can beat Joni Ernst, Theresa is in a class of her own.

As a successful businesswoman, Theresa has experienced the ups and downs that Iowans all share. She has exactly the type of record we need in a new U.S. senator. She got back on her feet after personal tragedy, went back to school, ran a small business and became a respected business leader in our community. That’s something so many Iowans can relate to. 

But her opponent, Michael Franken said Theresa has an “empty resume” and openly questioned “how Theresa would be value-added” in the U.S. Senate. I understand and respect his successful career in the military, but that comment is insulting to successful women all across Iowa – especially those of us who have worked so hard to juggle our families and careers, to support partners, care for loved ones, and serve our communities.

Like Theresa, I know what it means to be underestimated and disrespected. But I’m especially concerned because if Michael Franken thinks Theresa’s type of success story is an “empty resume,” what does he think about the thousands of hardworking Iowan women like me who wake up every day and do all we can to keep all the balls in the air – career, childcare, school, volunteer work and more. Theresa’s experience might look different than Mr. Franken’s, but empty it’s not.

We need someone who listens and respects all Iowans. That’s Theresa Greenfield. I believe she has exactly the type of gritty experience we need more of in Washington. Please join me in voting for her on June 2. 

Top photo of Amber Gustafson (left) with Theresa Greenfield provided by the author and published with permission.

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  • If you're going to quote Mike Franken, get it right.

    It’s a classic negative technique in politics, to cherry-pick part of a comment and quote it out of context. It’s disappointing to see Iowa Senate candidate Amber Gustafson do this. Mike Franken wondered on Twitter whether Greenfield “would be value-added in that hearing,” not “value-added in the Senate,” as he is quoted above.

    What hearing was he referring to? This one: Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Emerging Threats & Capabilities, chaired by Joni Ernst.

    Theresa Greenfield has nothing in her background to counter Ernst’s reliance on her military background as a selling point. Franken does, and it’s a fair contrast. Looking ahead to general election debates, it is fair to ask which of the US Senate primary candidates is best prepared to counter the incumbent’s resume.

    • Correction.

      Amber Gustafson was a candidate in 2018, and is not a candidate in 2020. I apologize for the errror.