Tanner Halleran for Iowa Democratic Party vice chair

Bryce Smith chairs the Dallas County Democrats. promoted by Laura Belin

As a young Iowan, I got active in Democratic politics during the 2012 re-election of President Obama.  Obama inspired me, and to this day, I find joy and comfort in knowing my volunteerism within his campaign made a difference for so many across Iowa and the country.

I have remained active in Democratic politics since 2012, even running for the Iowa House in 2016. Although I came up short in that election, the campaign pushed me to become even more engaged in the Democratic Party. Since 2017, I have been humbled to be the chair of the Dallas County Democrats. I have found great joy in working with fellow Democrats from across the state to better our party, grow together, elect Democrats and fight the good fight.

I have had the privilege of getting to know Tanner Halleran over the last several years through our volunteerism within the Iowa Democratic Party. Tanner and I are both rural, young county chairs as we navigated the challenges and excitement of the 2018 cycle and through the 2020 caucuses and elections. 

I got to know Tanner as a tireless advocate for Democratic causes, especially revolving around rural Iowa and young Iowans. Both Tanner and I have called upon each other throughout our time as chairs of our county parties to bounce ideas, brainstorm new concepts, and help build and grow our Democratic Party in new and exciting ways. We did not agree on everything, and sometimes we took our own paths, but throughout it all, we learned that working together was far easier and generated far better results for ourselves and our respective county organizations.

I am writing, in particular, the IDP State Central Committee today, to ask that you support Tanner Halleran’s candidacy for the first vice chair position within the Iowa Democratic Party. Tanner, as the current second vice chair, has never stopped working to elect Democrats up and down the ballot, expanding and growing our reach into some of Iowa’s hardest and reddest areas. He has taken the time to listen, learn, and share new and bright ideas to help grow our party. 

Tanner Halleran understands what it will take to transform and grow parts of our Democratic Party in order to win in the elections to come. As a young, motivated Democrat, Tanner stepped up in 2019 to fill the role of second vice chair, just months before the 2020 caucuses and an unknown global pandemi. Tanner worked around the clock to pick up the pieces from the Iowa caucus issues, being a transparent voice in leadership that we all deserved and needed while brainstorming new and innovative ways to safely campaign across Iowa during a pandemic. He takes the time to listen to county chairs, fellow Democrats, and elected officials to understand where to go and how to build together moving forward.

I hope the State Central Committee members will support Tanner Halleran on January 23. I share my thoughts and high esteem of Tanner with you today because I believe at this point in our party’s planning for the future, Tanner is the right voice and ear to be at the table, working with you to create, craft, and grow a party we all can be proud of and one that elects Democrats in every corner of Iowa.

Top image: Tanner Halleran (left) and Bryce Smith take a break from knocking doors for Mary Stewart in Iowa Senate district 41. Photo provided by the author and published with permission.

  • Tanner Halleran

    I’m an active duty member of the military stationed in Washington D.C., therefore, I try to stay away from overtly supporting political candidates.

    However, I do stay abreast of the political discourse that continues unabated back home via sites like this (Laura, you’re awesome!). My home of record remains Keokuk County, so I’ve been fortunate enough to see the leadership Tanner has brought to our county party, and the steadfast commitment he’s demonstrated while serving as 2nd Vice-Chair for the IDP.

    The integrity, character, and dedication that Tanner brings to each role he’s undertaken exemplifies the type of person deserving in the role of IDP Vice-Chair. As Mr. Smith posted above, Tanner “takes the time to listen to county chairs, fellow Democrats, and elected officials to understand where to go and how to build together moving forward.” This is the transparency we need. This is the character we need. This is the leadership we need.

    I’ve known Tanner for less time than some of you, but I’ve spoken with him plenty to know the IDP will be in great hands with Tanner as Vice-Chair. I’m with Bryce above, and hope the IDP makes the best choice for Vice-Chair – Tanner Halleran!

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