Faith leaders support Deidre DeJear for governor

Cynthia Sebian-Lander is Deidre DeJear’s 2022 campaign manager. Bleeding Heartland welcomes guest posts advocating for Democratic candidates for local, state, or federal offices.

Dear Friends,

Wishing you and yours all of the blessings during this new year. As we begin 2022, we are looking forward to a renewed hope in our political discourse and trajectory. And with that in mind, we are honored and delighted to support Deidre DeJear at the head of the ticket in 2022. She is the best moral choice for the future of Iowa.

Here’s why:

  • Diversity. Deidre DeJear ran a strong campaign for secretary of state in 2018, and became the first Black woman to win a statewide primary in Iowa history. She will make our state a more welcoming and kinder place for individuals of all backgrounds.
  • Philanthropy. Day in and day out, Deidre is someone who gives back to the community through her actions.
  • Leadership. Deidre has been a community leader for years, from starting a nonprofit in college to help kids achieve higher education to being a high school girls basketball coach. Plus, she built her business nearly 15 years ago to support the growing need for small businesses to access affordable marketing tools and successful business strategies during the Great Recession, and has since helped over 600 small businesses across Iowa. 
  • Experience. Deidre has been doing the work—through her small business, her non-profit organization, non-partisan community organizing, and her work on political campaigns, she is well-versed in what Iowa excels at and could improve upon. 
  • Attitude. Deidre’s enthusiasm and energy will be crucial to igniting our base to maximize turnout.
  • Empathy. At eight years old, Deidre’s mother passed away shortly after giving birth to her younger sister. Overcoming this adversity at such a young age and seeing her dad be present for her and her siblings shaped who Deidre is today. 

Deidre moved to Iowa to attend Drake University, fell in love with the state and chose Iowa as her home. We are lucky to have such an open, generous, thoughtful and sharp neighbor and leader in Deidre. 

My wish for 2022 is that you keep your heart open to considering Deidre DeJear as the recipient of your vote for Iowa Governor. 


Rev. Rob Johnson, DeJear for Iowa Faith Outreach Director Des Moines

Pastor Diane Koger, DeJear for Iowa Faith Committee Co-Chair Ottumwa

First Lady Ward, Ames

Will Sims, West Des Moines

Pastor Jordan Rabon, Des Moines

Pastor Alex Thornburg, Clive

Pastor Dan Berry, Des Moines

Pastor James Mosley, Sioux City

Pastor Damian Epps, Cedar Rapids

Pastor Joshua Milam, Manly

Pastor Kurtis Hall, Des Moines

Rev. Steven Perkins, Davenport

Bishop Eppright, West Des Moines

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