DNR director offers a cautionary tale for Iowans who hunt, fish

Iowa Department of Natural Resources Director Kayla Lyon has a message for Iowans after being cited on March 21 for fishing without a license in Jackson County.

Reached by email on March 25, Lyon confirmed a record in Iowa Courts Online referred to her citation, explaining,

I had my combination hunting and fishing license set to auto renew but my bank issued me a new card and I forgot to update the system. I was paddlefishing on the Mississippi last Friday [March 18]. When I was informed that I didn’t have a valid license, I asked our law enforcement chief to issue me a citation as soon as we could connect on Monday morning. It was an honest mistake but the laws apply to me just like anyone else. I have since gone online and renewed my combination license.

I’m told this situation is not uncommon. I would encourage anyone with an Iowa license to routinely check their accounts to ensure this doesn’t happen to them.

I would guess that most people who use credit cards have forgotten to update their information on some recurring charge after getting a new card. So this case presents a useful warning to Iowa’s “hook and bullet crowd”: next time you go fishing or hunting, check beforehand to make sure your licenses are up to date.

Lyon set a good example by acknowledging her mistake, knowing the citation would be listed in publicly available databases.

Top photo of Iowa DNR Director Kayla Lyon hunting for shed antlers was first published on her Twitter feed.

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  • Great change of pace

    A refreshing and much appreciated report on a public servant who follows the law and does not mind being held accountable. Sorely needed in the current state administration.,
    Herb Strentz, Urbandale

  • Does she/he get fired though?

    I agree, Herb. But maybe we need to wait a bit to see if whoever “caught” her gets fired.

  • The Iowa DNR...

    …is underfunded for what it is expected to do. And this is 2022, with Iowa facing increasing problems from climate change, dirty water, polluted air, CAFO problems, invasive species increasing, native species disappearing, too little public land, “protected” ecosystems deteriorating, park infrastructure needing extensive work, etc. etc. etc. The DNR should be getting enough funding to do more.

    From what I’ve read, the Republican trifecta mostly proposes that the underfunding and the problems continue. I wish Kayla Lyon were able to talk openly and honestly about that.