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Long day tomorrow

I'll be a pollworker in Minburn this time around. They were in need of extra help and Adel was covered. They told us in training Friday to be ready for anything.


Go Obama (although I have to keep my mouth shut tomorrow).


I called Harkin and Grassley's offices

this morning about the  upcoming vote on the bailout. Sounded like they may be fielding quite a few calls this morning. I asked them both to vote no and take the time to really think this through.

 My portfolio is taking a dump just like everyones but I'm not totally buying into what is being claimed.

Voted today

This will be short and sweet. I mailed in our absentee ballots today. The campaign is on the ball, the ballots arrived Friday and we got two phone calls Saturday one recorded from Vilsack and the other a live person at the Obama office.


Go Obama!