The price of a flawed coordinated campaign

Feb 21, 2009

Leadership and Larry

This is a failure of leadership. The “Boondock Saints” (Murphy and McCarthy) are just bad leaders, period. They don’t do a good job at recruitment, and if their guys win, they do so without any ties to the party.

But as bad as the Saints are, labor leadership is worse. I know my union spends no time organizing a lobbying presence, and most of the labor fed leaders are more interested in getting their pix taken with celebrities. Chet’s veto of C20 last year was a no-brainer; he knows that Danny Homan will have his lips attached to his butt in 2010….no matter what Chet does. The IFL is all dead weight, and Ken Sagar may be worse than Mark Smith.  Sooner or later, the Internationals will give up on these folks and they’ll have no more money.  Then this state will be a cross between KY and KS.

As for Larry, my guess is no one even lobbied him effectively. He is an interesting guy and has some valuable input on Ag issues, but he was left hanging and he won’t accomplish anything.

These House Dems had better grow up soon or they’ll be in the minority….and it will be a well-deserved fate.

Bruce Braley is no Tom Harkin

Apr 20, 2013

Tom Harkin is no Tom Harkin

Besides the ADA, what significant piece of legislation did Tom ever get passed?  I have always voted for Harkin, and I always thought he was a good dinner speaker, but he was little more than a reliable democratic vote.

As for Bruce….

I think he is a bright guy who doesn’t necessarily follow the party line.  But, like him or not, he will be the dems’ best chance (other than what should be a safe seat for Dave Loebsack) for victory in 2014. I think it’s a safe assumption that the republicans will take the Iowa Senate and gain in the Iowa House with a Branstad re-election landslide.  

The dem cupboard isn’t exactly full of up-and-coming leaders. The left had better sack up, quit whining, and back Bruce and the kid running for Secretary of State.

IA-Gov: Latest Register poll finds Branstad in great shape

Jun 09, 2013


No one thinks less of Terry Branstad as a person or a governor than I do, but he is the greatest politician in Iowa history. No one in the democratic party could beat him….not even Harkin or Braley. Hell, I doubt Clinton could beat him in this state.

The economy didn’t beat Chet. Chet beat Chet.

The IDP strategy should be to find someone who can drive around Iowa for the next 18 months meeting with the editorial boards and getting their names in the paper. It would be better if this person was younger and more energetic. He/She won’t win, but if it makes Branstad pay attention, he can’t be helping out in the other races.

Next time, think before you endorse in a primary

Feb 14, 2014

Next time...

I am not an AFSCME member, but I thought it was wise to get out in front in a primary race. A relatively unknown candidate needs early momentum.

It is unfortunate that Tyler had personal issues. While I doubt anyone can beat  Terry Branstad (and I would include Harkin in his prime and Vilsack at ANY time in that statement), Hatch is little more than a sacrificial lamb. I saw him last October at an event in eastern Iowa. People got up and left during his speech. I found  Hatch to be not at all impressive and I won’t waste time or money on his behalf.

There is time to find another candidate for governor.

IA-Sen: Braley learns painful lesson in 21st century campaigning (updated)

Mar 25, 2014


Bruce is done.  It was bad enough that every radio station in Iowa was going to be running ads with his remarks about not having towel service in the Congressional Gym during the shutdown. Now every local newscast in the state will have nightly spots with Bruce standing next to a liquor cart insulting farmers.

I don’t know how or when he lost all discipline as a candidate, but he has become a liability to the democratic ticket and, more importantly, he just became a bad investment. This will kill his fundraising ability.

It’s too bad because I think Bruce is a good guy, but it seems he can’t roll out of the rack in the morning without stepping on his  %^*$.  

Weekend open thread: Des Moines Register IA-Sen poll edition (updated)

Sep 28, 2014

Race is Over

You have a candidate who is too arrogant to even post an ad where he is speaking. You see Ernst’s picture more than Braley’s in every ad.

I think a lot of long-time activists probably agree with me that the voter contact/GOTV strategy is flawed. Spending June-Sept. on sporadic voters, Rs and Is was a mistake and I am assuming this will be a career-ending campaign for more people than Braley.

I like Bruce personally and I thought he was a damn fine rep his first 2 terms. I haven’t been impressed since then and was more than a little squeamish about this Senate run.  I predicted after the June primary that he was going to lose by 4-6 and I still think that’s about right.

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