Update on the Loebsack/Miller-Meeks race

Oct 06, 2008

IDA Wall of Shame

I am a member of the IDA. I must inject a little information here for the purposes of discussion. We would have included anyone from that race on the Wall of Shame. There was no candidate that we could have supported in that race. They all left us wanting. What do you do when it is a trio of unsatisfactory candidates?

Update on the Loebsack/Miller-Meeks race

Oct 07, 2008

I understand where you are coming from

I understand that completely. I have had to make just such a choice before. That is not a task that I relish. I only wish that we had candidates that I could truly support at the national level. Unfortunately that is few and far between this year.  

What to do when you don’t care for your party’s nominee

Oct 08, 2008

I have to agree with you

Making Home, I have to agree with you. At one point I thought that I could hold my nose and vote for McCain, but I am quickly finding otherwise. There are many issues that I do not agree with McCain on. I definitely can not vote for Obama and it is not because he is a Democrat. I differ more from him than I do McCain.

I think making a choice between the lesser of two evils is what got our country into the position it is in today. That is getting old. I want a politician that has integrity, moral values, and honor. This is something that neither presidential candidate has in my honest opinion. What I wouldn’t give to have another president like Ronald Reagan or JFK. We live in some sad times and I think that they are only going to get sadder in the coming years.

Oops–The bailout didn’t stabilize the markets

Oct 08, 2008

It may do that but...

The bailout may do that, only time will tell. The problem that I have with it is the fact that they didn’t take their time to debate the pros and cons. It seemed to me that the reason that it was passed was an attempt to gain some political points but showing they are doing something. Another problem that I had with it was all the pork that was added to it. This stuff shouldn’t have been in that bill if it wasn’t directly related to the original bill. All in all I would not be down on it so much if they hadn’t rushed it.

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