Robert Latta

John Norris for governor

Mar 25, 2018


I am continually gobsmacked by this attitude. Democrats don’t want to do anything to expand the party, they would rather lose than change. You are projecting the idea that independent voters think that someone with mainstream Democratic values of 30 years ago is radical but the current wackaloon GOP is not??? Is that what you think?

John Norris for governor

Mar 25, 2018

Yes but...

I would vote for Norris without hesitation as would all Democrats. He may be able to make some progress with independent rural voters. But unfortunately his plusses are also his minuses – he is a very competent technocrat. In other words he represents the economic status quo and that is exactly how Democrats got into this mess.

Democrats have to actually represent change and work for real change or we will be stuck in a ideological stalemate. They may win a few more races by running as competent and honest administrators against Trump and GOP corruption at the state level but never enough to be able to effect real legislative change given the cultural divide.

There are two ways that Norris or Boulton could become agents of change that independent voters would notice. One would be to adopt some of Austin Frerick’s anti-monopoly positions. Farmers understand that dynamic in their bones, they have been worked over by BigAg for far too long. And the other way is to run with Glasson as Lt Governor and adopt some of her labor reforms. At the very least she would deserve that given her level of support. And Democrats cannot continue to sneer and disrespect the left if they expect to get their votes.

Hunger in the heartland: Iowans struggle with food insecurity

Oct 24, 2017

Two Points

In relation to the first comment – it is very difficult to sort out the causes of chronic disease but you have to start out with the fact that rapidly increasing rates of metabolic syndrome (“the cluster of conditions — increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels — that occur together, increasing the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.”) is historically a recent phenomenon. That is correlated (but yet to be proven as a cause) with the amount of processed corn and soy content in our food system. And that is correlated to the subsidization of those crops in our ag policy so simple healthy food is much more expensive per calorie than unhealthy processed food. If you read Robert Lustig and Michael Pollan it is difficult to escape the conclusion that our current food policy dictated by Ag conglomerates is killing millions, mostly the poor.

Secondly, Why are the words hunger, poverty and homelessness almost completely absent from political discourse in this politically astute land of First In The Nation? If Iowa choose to it could demand answers from politicians to these problems and bring all Iowans into the democratic process and change the political landscape of the nation. We consistently choose not to.

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