The Reality of Sexual Assault Within The University of Iowa

Thanks to Chase Carson for a close look at the University of Iowa’s policies related to sexual assault. -promoted by desmoinesdem

Sexual assault has been something that many Universities have struggled with for a long time, for example, Take Back the Night (a march for ending all sexual, relationship, and domestic violence) has been around since the 1970’s. But for the generation of students that are going to college across the nation right now, nothing has shed more light on the problem of sexual assault on campuses more than the documentary The Hunting Ground, which was released February 27th, 2015. Within the film, it not only highlights how much of a growing problem this has become, but it also speaks out about how inefficient and terrible schools are about handling sexual assault cases.

After a personal viewing of the film I wondered about the facts behind sexual assault within the University of Iowa school system. I was worried that my school was just like all the other Universities shown in the documentary: incompetent and just downright unfair to the victims of sexual assault. After probing around for information and becoming a part of MAC (Men against violence council) for a semester, the reality of how the University of Iowa handles sexual assault became clear.

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