Throwback Thursday: Best and worst 1996 Russian presidential election ads

Jun 17, 2016

Great Post!

I can’t believe this was 20 years ago! At the time, my wife was travelling to Russia to negotiate trade deals, and she saw the end of the communist era first hand.

There was one commercial that showed several liberal candidates flying above Russia in a private jet – it only reinforced the idea that they were isolated from the problems of ordinary citizens.

Sally Stutsman retiring, Amy Nielsen running in Iowa House district 77

Feb 10, 2016

Some thoughts about HD77

First, thanks for posting this news.

The students of North Liberty actually attend two different school districts. Most attend Iowa City schools, but a big group goes to Clear Creek Amana, and I wonder if that dynamic will effect this race.

I was glad that her press release mentioned the minimum wage. Johnson County recently enacted a higher minimum than the state, and although cities can opt out, North LIberty is covered by the ordinance.

There was a special election for the Johnson County Board of Supervisors in January, and North LIbery councilman Chris Hoffman ran as a no party candidate. Though he lost that race to Lisa Green Douglas, I would not be surprised if he joined the HD77 race as a Republican.

Iowa local election results discussion thread

Nov 03, 2015

Iowa City

These four, together with incumbent Kingsley Botchley, will constitute a five member majority on the seven member council. Jim Throgmorton’s election was never in doubt, and I’ll be glad to see him replace Matt Hayek as mayor. All the other candidates faced significant challenges. I was honestly surprised that Pauline Taylor won, despite a low budget campaign. She is not only a nurse and labor organizer, but her family has experienced some very tough times in the past, and she will be a voice for those who are struggling economically.

I think the key issue in defeating the incumbents is something that is almost never mentioned in print. When they approved the new “Chauncey Tower” project, they picked one of the only proposals that did not include the New Pioneer Coop as a tennant. Whenever people discuss this project, that’s one of the first things that they say, and it led to a perception that the council was out of touch.

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