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40 years without my mother

Jun 27, 2020

I am very close

to someone who lost their mother at age 4 and whose father, a political consultant, became an alcoholic. They are brilliant – and the stories about them as a lawyer are amazing (including walking out of each session the bar exam over an hour early and long before anyone else).

It defined this person for decades. They were driven to perfection since they did not believe they could ever rely on anyone or anything. They were forever remembering the mother they did not have, and the father who forget to pick them up. It created disaster after disaster in their personal life. They simply could not let people in – and around their 35th birthday, it all came crashing down. This person is very different now then when I first met them – astonishingly they no longer even practice law.

The loss of this person’s mother defined them and the choices they made for most of their life. It took serious therapy for this person to realize the extent to which their sub-conscience ruled their choices. This person told me once about a year after they had started therapy that they didn’t think they had ever really made a conscious choice.

As I said – it is hard to believe they are the same person that they were.

Joe Biden will probably lose Iowa

Jun 09, 2019

Booker in particular

is an interesting case. In NH his chair was Obama’s 2008 chair. People I talk to who have seen him come away very impressed. Beto’s numbers on the top line have collapsed both nationally and in the early states, but people still remain interested in his candidacy.

Joe Biden will probably lose Iowa

Jun 09, 2019

I will add the number

of candidates to this analysis in a later post.

I would note that the comparison of 2016 to 2020 is illuminating in another respect. Clinton was able to largely clear the field of obvious contenders.

Biden simply did not scare potential candidates in the way Clinton did.

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