IA-Gov: Read the messages Fred Hubbell is testing with Iowa Democrats

Aug 21, 2017

Not having much of an opinion on Fred Hubbell before

Both the framing and general scope of the questions gives me an initial negative impression. The “job creator” angle, stressing of business experience, all sorts of things I expect from a moderate Democrat or Republican. But personally I would think the “I will entirely self fund, making me immune from special interests” would be something any Democratic candidate would avoid, given that the most prominent politician to have made a similar claim in recent memory is Donald Trump (and not much more needs to be said on that particular topic).

Seven pitches for seven Iowa Democratic candidates for governor

Jul 30, 2017

Appreciate the writeup

I am not paying a ton of attention to the Democratic candidates for governor just yet as the primary is quite far away still, but having this all in one place was nice for establishing some early preferences. Based on the content of the speeches Cathy Glasson stands out the most, with Norris close behind.

By and large I like what I am seeing, with many of the candidates putting forth ambitious policy goals.

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