Super Tuesday: A reversal of fortune

Mar 02, 2020

A note on 2008

Your analysis failed to note what might have been the most significant event between South Carolina and Super Tuesday: John Edwards dropping out of the race. He didn’t endorse till much later, but exit polls showed that more of his support went to Obama, and given that he was in the 8-10% range nationally that wound up being an important factor.

An ending — and a betrayal

Feb 04, 2020

Pretty much

I’ve been generally supportive of moving Iowa to a primary system regardless of how it impacts our place in the schedule. I want to thank everyone for coming out to caucus because it genuinely is a time-consuming and confusing process, and this year my precinct actually went significantly faster and more smoothly than in prior experiences. Was genuinely surprised to find out the massive issues happening everywhere (including reporting where i was, i can see results were not tallied in the 62% posted) with reporting.

Thank god that there is a long paper trail and precinct captains keeping each other honest.

IA-Gov: Read the messages Fred Hubbell is testing with Iowa Democrats

Aug 21, 2017

Not having much of an opinion on Fred Hubbell before

Both the framing and general scope of the questions gives me an initial negative impression. The “job creator” angle, stressing of business experience, all sorts of things I expect from a moderate Democrat or Republican. But personally I would think the “I will entirely self fund, making me immune from special interests” would be something any Democratic candidate would avoid, given that the most prominent politician to have made a similar claim in recent memory is Donald Trump (and not much more needs to be said on that particular topic).

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