Top election forecaster: Iowa governor’s race a toss up

Jun 16, 2018

he called key CCI members

and Glasson supporters within the first day or two after the primary to talk and set up meetings.

If it had been my decision, I would have let Glasson speak at the convention. The fact that she’s not speaking suggests to me that she did not commit to unequivocally endorsing Hubbell from the stage. When you lose a primary 55 percent to 20 percent, you’re in no position to dictate terms. I don’t know what you expect Hubbell to do to “earn” Glasson’s endorsement. He is a superior alternative to Reynolds in every way imaginable.

Stop blaming the Des Moines Register. They handled this story well

Jun 12, 2018


Non-consensual touching is assault or battery. It may not be aggravated assault or assault with intent to cause injury. But people have been charged with battery or assault after spitting on someone or touching their arm or leg.

Since he hasn’t resigned his Iowa Senate seat, Senator Janet Petersen should follow through with a full independent investigation.

Enter Bleeding Heartland’s 2018 Iowa primary election prediction contest

Jun 04, 2018


1. Democratic primary turnout: 154,500

2. Hubbell 45 percent, Norris 21 percent, Glasson 15 percent, Boulton 10 percent, McGuire 8 percent, Wilburn 1 percent

3. Finkenauer 51 percent, Heckroth 30 percent, Ramsey 10 percent, Rowe 9 percent

4. Although low GOP primary turnout theoretically creates good conditions for a write-in candidate, I’m not a believer. Peters 72 percent, Caligiuri 28 percent.

5. Axne 42 percent, Mauro 30 percent, D’Alessandro 28 percent

6. Scholten 48 percent, Jacobsen 32 percent, Paschen 20 percent

7. Mowrer 55 percent, DeJear 45 percent

8. Zumbach 32 percent

9. Stewart 54 percent, Malloy 46 percent

10. This was the hardest one for me to decide. I’ve changed my mind several times. Final guess: McCoy 51, Mauro 49.

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