Iowa culture lost

Dec 02, 2018

I'm anxious to learn the details

on how the Iowa Democratic Party plans to implement the absentee ballot recommendations. For instance: will there be “no excuses” absentee ballots, or will someone have to demonstrate that they are unable to attend the caucus? Also, will politically engaged people who cannot be present on February 3 be able to express a second choice, or only a first choice?

Absentee ballots wrongly excluded in Iowa House district 55 (updated)

Nov 30, 2018

I also look forward to clarification

if the petition is accurate (that Pate and Steines refuse to ask the US Postal Service to try to retrieve information on date of entry), that is disenfranchisement.

Unfortunately you are probably correct that the legislature will change the law to require all ballots to arrive by 9 pm on election day. That will lead to more voters being excluded. I will continue to encourage people to vote early in person rather than by mail if possible.

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