We all need to come together to make medical cannabis work in Iowa

Feb 25, 2017

Strike and Replace

Access to cannabis is a personal freedom issue before it is a medical issue. There is no such thing as “recreational” usage. It is ADULT usage. The difference in framing is very important. Recreation is like golf or bowling. Adult usage is like beer and wine or Templeton Rye. All democrats and all Tea Party Republicans should support ADULT usage. It is Personal Freedom.
We should skip the entire medical cannabis effort. It distracts from the winning argument, delays the access to medicine to many for no valid reasons. Many legislative efforts enact NEW penalties that will cause many more problems as we have seen in States with for-profit prisons. Delays only allow for huge business (Philip Morris) to get their marketing arms mobilized to capture any new business opportunities in Iowa, effectively blocking out local entrepreneurs. This is especially true for cannabis oil and new uses from ag hemp.
It is Personal Freedom…that is under attack.

Adventures in cynical finger-pointing

Sep 01, 2016

Dem Finger Pointing

needs to be done!
We have become… what to many…seems just another corporate owned party. We started it (imo) during the four years we controlled the Gov/House/Senate and failed to do much of any significance. It seemed once Dem’s got in…they were shaking in their boots that they might do something to give their R opponent something to use the next cycle. They might have been right, but then, why were they running in the first place? This very likely took a lot of very passionate folks right out of the entire process. (some call them activists) This lack of movement during our “chance” should not be repeated. We need to be ready next time. CCI actually allows passionate folks hope that they can make a difference. (do we?) Recently, we clearly saw this demonstrated in the pent up frustration of Bernie and Trumpf supporters. Our party is failing to give many a reason to bother to come to the polls. Why bother…is the response I hear often. Add to that, the way the legislative process currently works, pulling all bills of substance into the back room until late the last night of the session, eliminates any meaningful discussion while consolidating power in the hands of a very few at the table, is disheartening. Having been …at the table… a time or two I can assure you that the interests of the individual or of small town Iowa are rarely seen. We Dems need to point a finger, and we had best point it at ourselves. We must show people that it is worth their time to join us once again. We need the new blood, and we’re going to have to earn it.

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