So I Guess Senator Grassley Doesn’t Like Questions

Feb 20, 2009

Well, I highly doubt I was the first

to say I disagreed with his stimulus vote. Of course, since the vast majority of people there seemed to be “invited” by his office, I’m guessing those attending these events are almost all Republicans who would tend to agree with him on the stimulus just because they share party values – which we’ve basically seen these past 4 weeks means – they vote the way Rush Limbaugh tells them to vote regardless of how bad it will be for the country.  

Grassley Admits (on TV) To Hypocrisy on Filibusters

May 02, 2009

A Republican hypocrite?

I’m not shocked by that either. What I am shocked by is how many people here in Iowa insist that Grassley is a “genuine” guy, or a “nice” guy.

People who are genuine don’t lie. Grassley is a Republican just like any other – a hypocrite in every way. Iowans should stop making excuses for him.

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