Glenn Hurst

The line against hate is drawn in Oakland, Iowa

Nov 04, 2017

Keeping Safe

Safety is a very real concern. I have to give some credit to the group for training in this area. Back in January they did some teleconferences and provided handouts on how to organize an event. Contacting the local law enforcement was emphasized and following that advise has paid huge dividends every time. We were pretty sure we would not be arrested because we advised them in advance what we were planning to do and they even made comments such as, “you seem to know your rights” and signaled that if we stuck with our plan there should be no problems.

I also want to emphasize that these tactics are not presented as the absolute response to these events. These are just tactics we tried that had every effective outcomes based on our goal. An important lesson was that groups with different tactics and different values can work together for a successful outcome. I would offer this up as an allegory for those who find themselves stuck in discord over the Hillary vs Bernie issues and the fall out of the 2017 general election. We CAN work together.

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