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A Song for the Coming Blue Tide

(There aren't enough political songs these days, so thanks for posting this one. - promoted by desmoinesdem)

I front a band in Iowa City, which isn't of itself worth your time, because half the knuckleheads in Iowa City are in bands — but we were working on a new record to be released later this year, and I decided this song needed to come out before the election. It's called “One Twenty Oh-Nine” and it is a celebration of that day, just a few months from now, when ends this great yawning Bushian darkness that has killed so many, subverted so much of our civil society and threatens the very homes under millions of people's feet. I sent it over to my occasional editor, blogger and former record label honcho Howie Klein, who rakes the muck in his blog DownWithTyranny, and he made it quickly into a youtube video. We want to send this out to Rob Hubler and Becky Greenwald in their vital, heroic fights to grow the Blue Tide, to take back our government from agents of venal, mean, wealth-fetishizing fear-mongers that have brought this nation to the brink of disaster. (You can contribute to Rob and Becky by clicking the above links; in fact, you know what, cut and paste your contribution receipt into an email to me at, cite this blog, and I'll send you a free mp3 of the song.)


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SMACK DOWN! Prosecutor Vince Bugliosi Calls Out Fascist Steve King Like Real Dems Should

WITNESS! Vincent Bugliosi, former LA prosecutor, pulling no punches in accusing the administration of murder. “I am fully aware that the charge I have just made is a very serious one, but let me just say that at this stage in my career, I don't have time for fanciful reveries. I'd never in a million years would propose a murder prosecution of Bush administration officials if I didn't believe there was more than enough evidence to convict them and that I was standing on strong legal ground.”

BEHOLD! House Democrats shamed by an old public servant who, if they had half this guy's balls and refreshing disrespect for politesse in their own due diligence and oversight in the last two years, much less the last eight, we wouldn't even be talking about poll numbers in the presidential race right now and McCain would be shopping for a “Sunset Condo.” 

MARVEL! At Steve King (SS-Iowa) professing to almost suffering an “aneurysm” after being told, finally, by anyone, how his linear-thinking sociopathic rationalizations and hamfisted justifications of the worst presidential administration in history are “wrong” in no uncertain terms.


Iowa City Flood Relief Benefit Rock Show, Thursday Night

So, this is a little self-whorin, I guess, but I wanted to get the word out to as many folks as possible on as many of my regular blogs as possible.

So, last I heard, some 36,000 Iowans have been displaced by recent weeks' flooding, and that's likely to rise as the cresting continues southward. I know some of them, so do you most likely. We're hoping to do at least a little bit to help them here in the Iowa City area, having secured The United Way of Johnson County's sanction on our all-star benefit show, which will be at The Mill on Burlington (between Dubuque and Clinton) this Thursday, June 19. The Iowa City music community has responded in awesome force, and we've got two of the best known names in our local biz, Public Property and Dave Zollo, headlining tomorrow night's show, with some killer opening acts to make this an all-night, knock-down/drag-out celebration of the selfless giant-hearted people of this city.

The roughed out schedule (which will be semi-fluid for the evening) for the lineup donating their time and talents:

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