Previewing the Vander Plaats case against Branstad

Oct 20, 2009

BVP versus Branstad

You make some interesting points and BVP does have some tactics that he can try, but Branstad wins this primary hands down.  With his contacts, his money raising capability and his name recognition, he will run away from BVP just as soon as he officially enters the race.

And barring any drastic turn of events between now and election day, he will oust Culver in a landslide.


Conlin “more likely than not” running against Grassley

Oct 23, 2009

re; Non payment of taxes

Des Moines Dem, can you expound on the “supposed non-payment of taxes will come back” comment?  My recollection is that she got hammered due to her stance that the Republicans were the party of privilege which included comments about tax shelters.  Later it came out that she and her husband used tax shelters themselves to avoid virtually any Iowa taxes.

Rematch coming in Iowa House district 84

Nov 11, 2009

2010 Rematch

I don’t anything about either of these candidates but I think that overall it will be a good year for Republicans.  How that translates into results in the local or state wide races remains to be seen.

As a fairly recent visitor to this blog I am rather surprised at the relatively few comments that are posted here.  Is that a new situation or have the comments always been sparse?


USDA names Iowa Farm Service Agency committee members

Nov 24, 2009

Is this a paid position?

Or do they serve as volunteers like many other boards and commissions throughout the state?

I enjoy the comment that John Judge operates a livestock farm.  I recently talked to a guy whose brother rents that farm, John hasn’t operated a farm for many, many years.  Unless of course you count cashing the rent check as being the operator.  He does own the farm though, his daddy gave it to him.

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