A serious question for Obama supporters

Dec 31, 2007

Edwards too divisive?

As a Dean supporter in 2004, I have come to realize that John Edwards’ populism isn’t right for 2008.  Stewart Rothenberg hits Edwards today on why his populism is too divisive for the modern political climate:

Ironically, Edwards criticized Dean for being too angry in 2004, yet this time the former North Carolina Democrat has adopted Dean’s confrontational style.

Edwards portrays himself as a fighter for the middle class, but his message is decidedly working class and left. The North Carolina Democrat’s message seems well-suited for 1933 or 1934, but not nearly as ideal for 2008. Yet, Iowa Democrats, like many of their partisan colleagues around the country, are so angry at President George W. Bush that they might be willing to give voice to their anger by voting for Edwards at the caucuses.***

This has been my problem with Edwards all along.  I think his heart is in the right place, but it’s possible to inspire people without sticking a finger in their eye along the way.  


Dec 31, 2007


Obama is everything that Dean wasn’t.  He’s accomplished, polished, and more level-headed.  He speaks respectfully and honestly, and communicates without alianating entire pockets of the country.  There are no surprises with him… I trust that he could unite the country better than Edwards could.

I guess I turned to Dean four years ago because he was the voice in the wilderness, so to speak.  I was so disgusted with the Democrats turning their backs on the anti-war crowd in the Democratic party, that Dean spoke to me with all his piss and vinegar and encouraged us to give a collective middle finger to the DLC.  Edwards was a part of what was wrong with the party back then, and I guess my memory isn’t that short.…

I guess I don’t support Edwards this time because I don’t trust his populism, though it’s great that he’s learned from his mistakes.  

A serious question for Obama supporters

Dec 31, 2007

Shaddowy Special Interest Money!

There’s nothing really shaddowy about SEIU, but there is something unequal about their 527’s unregulated influence over elections.  God bless SEIU.  I used to organize for them a few years ago… truly a great union, but it’s really unfortunate that they’ve gotten into this game which is unfortunately, yes, very shaddowy.

The ads getting the most attention in Iowa in recent days are run by a union-financed group called the Alliance for a New America, based in Alexandria, Va., and feature the complimentary images of Edwards. The group is headed by Nick Baldick, a former Edwards adviser, and contributions have come from locals of the Service Employees International Union.

A $495,000 contribution also came from Oak Springs Farm LLC, which the Associated Press reported is the entity that holds the fortune of 97-year-old philanthropist Rachel Mellon. Mellon has also contributed directly to Edwards’ presidential campaign, as has the lawyer who holds power over Oak Springs Farm.

The New York Times reported about an e-mail that seemed to suggest conversations between Edwards campaign officials and the group’s leaders, with Alliance leaders apparently asking the campaign “what specific kinds of support they would like to see from us.”

This is from today’s article in the DM Register: http://www.desmoinesregister.c…

A $500,000 contribution does not go unrewarded.  Oak Springs Farm will get it’s calls returned in an Edwards orgainzation. So much for taking on the special interests!

Ron Paul supporters trying to turn out Democrats

Jan 03, 2008

I got the same call...

I’ve also gotten about a dozen Ron Paul robocalls over the course of the campaign, perhaps because of my age? (30)

I’ve also seen at least 8 Paul lit pieces in my mailbox.  On top of this, my wife and I, both staunch Dems, also been courted by other Republicans such as Huckabee, Giuliani and McCain.

On Sunday, some kid called me and asked me if I could help “round up some veterans” for a Ron Paul event, to which I replied, “Oh yeah?! Is (Ron Paul supporter) DAVID DUKE going to be there!?!”  And then I hung up.  

Perhaps I could have been nicer to the poor kid, but I don’t have much patience for candidates supported by white supremecists.

A respectful question for John Edwards…

Jan 03, 2008

But, don't you think an Obama win and HRC 3rd place...

…would knock her out of this race?  Her campaign is based on inevitability, not sustainability.  

I think she would have been better off to skip the caucuses here and hope for a McCain moment where a 3rd place finish is seen as a win and not a loss.

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