Recovery Act Invests $9.3 Billion to Expand High-Speed Rail

Feb 13, 2009

vegas rail

Great question. Have heard the same, though can’t pin a number down right now. There are a couple of real benefits that come to mind for that potential train, though. First is that it’ll demonstrate what is possible (we Americans often don’t believe something works until we’ve done it, regardless of what’s working elsewhere). The second is that there’s a lot of plane traffic from Angelenos going to Vegas for the weekend, and some car traffic on I-15 that would be better served by high-speed rail.

I’ve actually lived in Vegas (if you call that living!), and the monorail they’ve got now is, frankly, a joke. No one in the city uses it – you really can’t, it’s just along the Strip (wasn’t built for residents. Did I mention it’s an inconvenient city to live in?) And tourists don’t use it enough to make it worthwhile, though it’s certainly better than driving; which you really can’t do on the Strip either. Too much traffic, too many pedestrians. Which is better than the rail anyway, it’s free, clean, and after all… Vegas tourists should be wandering around in a daze on the Strip rather than exiting into another slot machine floor!

No Silver Bullet, But Bullet Trains Are a Start

Feb 18, 2009

Osceola Amtrak line

Actually, the communities on that line don’t have to worry – they’re not going to lose their service. It’ll continue to run out to the California Zephyr. As has been noted (many, many times in my conversations with people), there is a pretty sizable amount of freight traffic on the route; and it will continue to make the line feasible.

What we WILL get is regular, and convenient, passenger service to the large communities along the I-80 corridor.

We’re working hard to make this a reality, and are very close – we just need a fairly small commitment from the state. Contact your state legislators! We’ve got a regular newsfeed for IA rail articles as well as ways to get involved at

Thanks to desmoinesdem for helping to flag this for readers!

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